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  Nr. 25 - April 2000
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Tarot-Astro Column

by Liz Westerhof, April 2000
Jessica Lange
Charlie Chaplin

March 21 - April 20

April is the month of Aries, the month of Mars. Mars is energy! It is masculine, physical, assertive and creative energy. Mars stimulates action, which causes reaction, which stimulates growth. He represents the ability to express individuality and represents your anger, your deepest conflicts and greatest challenges - that which turns you on and that which motivates you. His energy is like fire... it can warm or burn you. Mars also rules sex and sports and the sign Mars is in explains how the energy is expressed.

In this horoscope chart you find Mars F in Aries a. When you have Mars in Aries, Mars is at home - it is the most comfortable placement. It can express its energy in the most natural and direct way. Mars in Aries is highly energetic, powerful and has spontaneous physical energy, sometimes leaping into action before looking or thinking. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and count to ten before reacting and saying anything that might be harmful. You are courageous and forceful, like to be first in anything, whether in the classroom, in business, or driving the car. In relationships you want to dominate, although you prefer people who are also strong. You tend to be direct and like to be in charge. You are a good leader. You love competition and dislike repetition or anything or anyone boring. Speaking about sex, we speak about Mars. Speaking about love, we speak about Venus ... next time.

Reactions, questions, remarks are very welcome. You can reach me at: Tel/fax 0031-255-517827, e-mail: elisabethwesterh@hotmail.com. Liz.

Males wear the make-up in the animal kingdom.
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