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Tarot-Astro Column

by Liz Westerhof, July 2000
Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Meryl Streep
George Orwell

In the horoscope chart you see Venus in Taurus. Since Venus rules Taurus, she is at home here. Her energy is expressed here in a very earthly manner. When you have this placement in your chart you are very affectionate and sensual.

You love comfort and enjoy luxury and you have an innate sense of what is “valuable”. You attract prosperity and good fortune. You are loyal in both love and friendship. You may have a tendency to become overly attached to people, which could cause problems. You are creative in the fields of finance and real estate. You love beauty, art and music. You are stubbornly steadfast in your pursuit of your needs and usually acquire more than most.

Venus in Gemini will express her love verbally and in a light, airy manner. She is the bright, witty social butterfly. She can be a great writer, teacher, actor or public speaker. She finds it difficult to become involved with deep emotional intensity or to form strong attachments. The responsibility and also the restriction which go along with getting close to others is not comfortable for her. She has to develop loyalty and dependability.

Next time Venus in Cancer and Leo.

As always reactions, questions, remarks are very welcome. You can reach me at tel: 53457, email elisabethwesterh@hotmail.com. Have a nice July. Liz

MEDITATION: Problems in life are simply challenges to grow.
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