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by Monika Dimitrakopoulos-Lang, September 2000
Paper - a fascinating material which offers a thousand means of expression. We use it for writing. And for packaging. And if one starts to think about it, even in our time, paper and cardboard are materials used in many different ways. But do you know, that from paper the Koreans, for example, even produced war-helmets, umbrellas and windows? And that between the 15th and the 20th century in our western world, paper was used for many products: anatomic models, beehives, bellows, book covers, boxes, buttons, bowls, candle-holders, clocks, cups, dolls, trains, thimbles, hair-clips, hats, doll heads, necklaces, toys, venetian blinds, wall decorations, walking-sticks, wheels, even a prefabricated village (England, 1853) and a copy of the Roman Pantheon (Bergen, Norway, 17th century).

Paper can be translucent and still strong, it can be water-resistant and fire-resistant (!), it can be used in 2- and 3-dimensional objects, as a simple box or a beautiful piece of art. You can cast it, form it with and without moulds, from recycled paper and plant-fibres, colour it, create different textures, surfaces ..... and all that with comparatively simple equipment! The tools we used for our first three years in The PaperSun, Naxos, were those you can find in almost any household!

Paper is a natural material. Making paper from plants and recycled paper lets us understand recycling in a very concrete way!

The PaperMoon Travelling Workshop Programme & The PaperMoon Interactive Exhibition Programme

The idea of the PaperMoon Studio is also to offer possibilities which are rarely used in Greek schools (I studied didactics of German art and handcraft/technology).

Paper gives me the opportunity to demonstrate a lot of different subjects, using only one material as an example: current and previously used production methods (from the first hand-made pieces to mass production), the history of tools and equipment, the use of water and wind energy, ecology, paper and environment, renewable materials and last, but not least, paper and PaperArt.

We are interested in: Cooperating with schools (creating and working together with the school like creating play-sculptures for outdoor-spaces); Teacher trainings; providing an Interactive Exhibition Programme - information about paper and paper recycling, ecology, new ways in design and production, PaperArt slide-show, literature, video, etc, paper and Internet, and organizing workshops.

Together with you and according to your facilities we can work out the most efficient, interesting (and economical) concept for your place. Contact me on Tel/Fax: 0281-84487, mobile: 093-7673447, website: www.papersun.de.vu, email: papersun@syr.forthnet.gr.
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