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Creative Design of Indoor Spaces

by Giorgos Kavallis, September 2000
Atelier Kalligrammon specializes in the creative design of indoor spaces. This is a new service on Paros and many people ask me exactly what it entails.

If you intend to build, restore, or rearrange a building for a house, office or shop, you no doubt have some general ideas of what you want, based mostly on admired examples. Working space, layout, materials (marble, stone, wood), and so on need to be planned and harmonized both practically and creatively. The designer takes these ideas, adds his own (with your collaboration) and unifies them. The result should be a house with a body and soul. The body should be well shaped and structured, and the soul, uniting the owner’s and designer’s thoughts, inspired. To fulfill this, the designer must spend many hours listening to the client’s ideas, getting to know him well, understanding his needs, preferences, and aesthetic tastes.

Here is the general procedure: First the house is divided into rooms. It is better for the house to be empty with no brick walls that may have to be demolished. At this point the position of the windows, plumbing fixtures, and so forth are decided. Clearly, designer and architect should work together from the beginning of construction.

When this has been done, the designer prepares three-dimensional representations of every room. From these plans, drawn by hand or by computer, the viewer can easily observe, from a variety of perspectives, exactly how every little corner will look, including colours of the walls, furniture, flooring, lighting, etc. That means that all the materials to be used have to be pre-arranged and approved by the owner, although this does not preclude making changes during construction.

Construction is the most difficult part of the process. For this, the designer gathers a team of carpenters, plumbers, dyers and other masters, chosen for their proven skill and efficiency, who will adhere to the schedule till the work is completed.

I hope I have answered some of your questions and that you can get some idea from the photographs included on this page. I would like to add that, with the technology that exists nowadays (digital cameras, Internet, computer design programs, e-mail, frequent progress reports with pictures, etc), even if you live abroad you can keep close track of the work on Paros. This way you can relax and trust the hands of specialized masters to provide you with a house, office, or shop that is both comfortable and in accordance with your own aesthetic requirements.

If you would like more information, or need some specific advice on your house, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Giorgos Kavallis, at Atelier Kalligrammon, P.O. Paroikia, 84400 Paros, tel/fax (0284) 24607, e-mail: gioca@otenet.gr.
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