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Kiranos Cafe - Naoussa

This popular cafe, owned and run by George Bafitis, opened in 1999 on the seafront in Naoussa, serving the usual drinks and snacks as well as fabulous ice-cream sundaes, waffles and crepes that almost defy description. Suffice to say, however, that if you happen to be there one evening and the waitress walks past you carrying one of these exotic creations, all conversation stops, the eyes helplessly follow the journey of the tray from kitchen to table right up to the moment that the gorgeous object is set before the lucky, lucky customer who was already aware of the existence of such a mouth-watering delight and has placed an order for it. Frantically searching through the menu to find the name of the vision you have just witnessed, you finally grab the arm of the waitress as she returns past your table and, pointing, trying hard to maintain at least a semblance of dignity, roughly demand that she "Bring you one of those," adding a slightly abashed "please?" when manners are suddenly remembered as the moment of panic subsides. Do you get the idea?

In case you are not moved, nor even tempted by such a description as this, perhaps it should also be mentioned that during an unofficial crepe-tasting competition that was run by a couple of Athenian children we know last summer, the Kiranos Cafe won hands down, getting a ten out of ten vote on a quite formidable set of criteria including quality, quantity, service, variety of flavours and toppings, price and setting. Keep in mind that children are tough judges!

Kiranos are also open every day, mornings and evenings (from 8am until late) throughout the winter, so if you're looking for a cosy atmosphere and a delicious after-dinner dessert - visit Naoussa one evening (or even have a coffee morning get-together with a little something yummy to go with it!) and find out for yourself.

The beautiful signs painted by George's talented friend Spiros tell the story of the Cafe's name - Kiranos was the most ancient Parian governor, known as the protector of the island. He once saved a group of dolphins from the fishermen’s nets and later was himself saved by dolphins after a shipwreck. When he died, the people of Paros constructed an altar in his honour next to the sea and it is said that at the time of his cremation, thousands of dolphins gathered on the coast for a last farewell.
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