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  Nr. 40 - August 2001
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Letters to the Editor

Paros Life welcomes your letters. Send to P.O.Box 112, Paros or email to info@paroslife.com, including your full name, address and phone number. Paros Life reserves the right to edit.

Please keep in mind that the philosophy of this publication is one of promoting cooperation and integration within our local community. Whilst not denying that problems exist, we strive always to emphasize the positive, seeking means of continuous improvement, rather than focusing on purely negative criticism which tends to foster antagonism instead of contributing to solutions. Letters which reflect this spirit are most likely to be published.

Paroikia Donkeys
On our last evening out in the beautiful resort of Paroikia, we came across some donkeys being used to advertise a nightclub. These donkeys were heavily laden with uncomfortable-looking wooden advertising signs, whilst also being used to ferry people to the restaurant. When we passed them, two young guys were attempting to ride one of the donkeys, who could not physically deal with the load, his legs buckling and looking very distressed. We also witnessed them being whipped with what looked like a chain.
We returned home very upset, as we had found the people of Paros to be generally OK to their animals. This would be the only reason we would have not to encourage our friends and family to come to this wonderful island.
This really could directly affect Paros as a choice for a holiday destination.

Sara Brown & Bruce Milligan - U.K.

Ed: P.A.W.S. have already been informed of this incident and are following up both with the nightclub owners and the Municipality.

Thank You, Colin !
I am sure, like myself, many people have noticed the lack of litter in the streets of Marpissa and Piso Livadi in recent months.
What an improvement compared with recent years! We have one man to thank for this environmental improvement - Colin Godfrey. Well done, Colin. Let’s hope the council reward you well - you deserve it!
Not everyone would want to get their hands dirty picking up discarded rubbish dropped by people who should know better.
Keep up the good work. It’s appreciated!

Alan Wright - Piso Livadi

Logaras Modern Greek Course
This June I took a modern Greek course in Paros run by The International Center for Hellenic & Mediterranean Studies (DIKEMES). I teach Ancient Greek in Massachusetts, but on the bus out of the Athens Airport I had to look up basic words like ‘efharisto’ and ‘parakalo’, so I signed up for the beginner’s class.
We started by learning the alphabet. Other classes started at different levels up to a course on the great Greek poets (Seferis, Cafavy and others), conducted entirely in Greek. There was a variety of interesting people in the beginner’s class: Americans who had never heard Greek or been to Greece, Greco-Americans who had heard Greek all their lives but never spoken it or learned the alphabet, foreign residents of Paros who spoke a few phrases but never learned it formally.
It’s an intensive course - we had class for about 4 hours every weekday from 9-12 and 5-6.30 in the evening, and had about two hours of homework on top of that. At the end of three weeks we were completely exhausted, but moderately fluent.
The instruction was excellent, but I would have preferred it if the class had been divided into a fast track and slower track. The class sizes were between 4 and 12 students, usually with more students in the July session which makes it easier to place people in groups with similar backgrounds and abilities.
Still, it was wonderful to spend 3 weeks in Logaras - I had plenty of time to go to the beach, tour Paroikia and Lefkes, and visit Naxos and Santorini on the weekends.
Some students have the stamina to take both the June and July courses, but I’m happy to go practice my new Greek skills as I travel to other islands.
Geia Sas, Paidia !

Kenneth Mayer - Massachusetts, USA

Ed: You can apply to participate in the DIKEMES courses, held annually, on 01-7560-749, fax: 01-7561-497 or email dikemes@dikemes.gr.
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