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Animal Talk

by Bingo, July 2001
Bingo's Story

Hello, my friends and relatives in Paros! I am writing to you from a place quite far away, called Switzerland. I am living here in a neat little house with a family of two-legged creatures (people or humans, as they are called). I have my own little bed, food and water, and get to go for walks several times a day. The door of the house is always open and I can choose whether I want to stay in the house or the garden. The people are really nice to me and they love to have me around. But now you must be really curious about how this all came to happen!

Well, it started shortly before what they call Christmas, when I was about 4 months old. As you know, things weren't really so nice at all then. Not much food around, and not many friendly people, either. I was running around in the port that day and found two of my old playmates who were just leaving the island with some people from Switzerland in a car. I stuck around to say goodbye to them with two women (the female of the humans), who seemed quite kind. One of them took me home with her. At first I was a bit scared, because she had three large dogs at home! But I got used to them and also to the cats. I had a very good time with plenty of food (twice a day, because I was growing). As often as I could, I also helped the woman rearrange her living-room - it would look so much cozier and livelier after I would put in some time and effort. But the woman always screamed and shouted when she realized that I had helped again.

Then my woman started arranging things for me to go to Switzerland. She put an advert in The Foreigner/Paros Life saying that I was looking for a ride. She also put my photograph in the Internet (that's what they call it, but don't ask me to explain what it is). Soon enough she found a nice man (the male humans) with a big smile who would drive to Switzerland soon and who was willing to take me along. She took me to the vet, who gave me injections (could hardly feel a thing) and wrote things about me in a little book.

Shortly after it was time for me to say goodbye to Paros. In the picture you can see me ready in the port, all packed and waiting to go. I got to travel by car and big ferry. Everything was very exciting (well, sometimes also a bit scary), but everything went well because the man was very friendly and patient with me. Two days later I arrived in Switzerland, where I was picked up by a woman who reminded me somehow of my woman in Paros. She took me to her place where I met two older dogs - one of them born in Paros, so we had loads of stories to tell to each other. I got to go for walks in something called snow (you wouldn't know anything about it, but it is really neat, white, soft and a bit cold). I got used to the new surroundings really fast, because everybody was taking good care of me. I stayed with the woman until my new family picked me up a couple of weeks later.

So, this is my story, I hope you liked it! Woof, woof, woof!

P.S. This is a short message from Barbara, my woman in Paros: Over the past five years, over 15 puppies have been collected from the street, cleaned up, vaccinated, transported to Switzerland and placed in good homes. This number does not include the litter of six I found in May, only about three weeks old, who had been dumped in the middle of nowhere. I took them home (in those moments I simply react, without thinking twice) and with a lot of time and effort found homes for them all. I spent 1-2 hours a day for a couple of weeks reading and writing emails, trying to determine who was suited to take in one of those puppies. Very helpful were the following websites (in German language) www.hundeinnot.ch, www.streunerhunde.de and www.hand-und-pfote.de.

Four of the puppies found homes in Germany and were lucky enough to get transportation by car and ferry - Nico and Marcus, who recently bought a house in Aneratza, gave them a ride. Two of them found homes in Switzerland and got to fly there on a charter flight from Mykonos - friends of mine gave them a 'lift'. I was very lucky to find transportation for all of them so quickly.

If you travel to Germany, Switzerland, Holland or Austria regularly and would consider giving a lift (by car or plane) to a small animal (expenses paid), please contact me at 91581 or babik@otenet.gr. Most airlines are quite easy with animals up to 5kg. You can also call me for tips or information about 'exporting' Parian puppies. And see the article on page 11 about Maracaibo Bar where Terry & Emma are also happy to help.

PAWS Bazaar
by Gina Saunders

Wow - what a success for PAWS! We needed a cash injection to keep going with the sterilization programme and so Patricia Clarkson went to work. She turned her small, immaculate garden into a bazaar! She planned it with total dedication, much like a military operation, and somehow we all got involved in the project. Financially it was a big success, thanks to everyone who provided “goodies” for sale and, of course, thanks are also due to all the many folk who turned up and spent money. The quality was good and this was reflected in the profit.

Thanks in particular to Suzanne Rollands, Sue and Graham, who all helped before, during and afterwards. Patricia made marmalade, corn relish and endless jars of her famous pickles.

Not content with this success, Patricia is already in action again planning a July 4th Extravaganza to be held at the Aktaia Café in Livadia (it’s the last café around the bay - see their advert on page 11). There will be goodies for sale during the afternoon and then the evening will swing into July 4th fun. Everyone is welcome, so do come along and join us - it’s an idyllic setting and there is no entry charge.

The recent “puppy exporting” successes are also great news - more about that next month.
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