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  Nr. 39 - July 2001
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Advertising Features

Maracaibo - Paroikia

This is now the second year that Terry Jones (from London) is running the very popular Maracaibo Bar in Livadia, Paroikia.

On his travels through Europe five years ago Terry got involved in Athens helping at the Marcopoulou Shelter for homeless cats and dogs. Through the Shelter he came in contact with Marios Founaris and first came to Paros to help Marios build the Aegean Wildlife Centre at Kamares. One thing led to another, he fell in love with the island, got a job working at Maracaibo and then took over running the bar last year.

Terry is, by the way, still very much involved with the wildlife centre, so if you’re interested in volunteering and want to know more about it, he says to just drop in at the bar any time and he’ll be happy to give you more information.

The Maracaibo staff are a great mix of all different ethnic origins and are dedicated to maintaining a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Music style this summer will be reggae, blues and ska for that “laid-back Maracaibo feeling” epitomized by lying in one of the bar’s hammocks in the trees on the sand, exotic cocktail in hand!

The menu includes a tantalizing selection of choice from milk shakes, smoothies, delicious juices, ten flavours of tea, over 15 different flavours of ice-cream and an extensive cocktail list (50 different varieties). Breakfasts include a full English breakfast or full vegetarian breakfast.

Also available are baguettes and wraps, jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings, scrumptious homemade cakes, snacks and meals in a basket. Plus daily specials such as chilli con carne, chicken nuggets and chips, calamari and chips. And, to top it all, on Sundays from 12-2pm, they serve English Sunday lunch (lamb, pork or chicken) with all the trimmings - three veg and roast potatoes.

Bring the kids too - there is a children’s play area on the sand and playstation and other games are also available and the bar boasts a big-screen TV for any major sporting events during the summer.

Another coming attraction is satellite phone lines (which means calls at discount rates to anywhere in the world) and a free email and internet postcard service (electronic pictures with music and up to 500 characters of text) with a choice from 12 pictures of Paros you can send to anyone anywhere in the world.

Also, starting at the beginning of July, Terry’s girlfriend Emma will be providing a unique new electronic service. She can take a digital image of you and your friends or family which is then laminated and made into a “photo card” - a small and sturdy image you can carry with you in your wallet as an everlasting memento of fun times spent on Paros. Since it’s digital, you can obviously also keep an electronic copy or email it to a friend. Emma will be working out of various clubs in Paroikia to provide this service. Just ring her for further details.

Terry & Emma have also had some great successes over the past year in homing a number of stray animals which visitors have taken back with them to various European countries. If you find a stray cat or dog and want help in exporting it, you can drop by the bar any time to get help and advice from them. Also, take a look at Animal Talk this month (page 14) for Bingo’s tale (tail?) - another resounding success story!

Finally, maybe you can help Terry out: Some time in February when the bar was closed and Terry was away visiting London, there was a break-in and all the electronic equipment plus the entire CD collection (over 200 CD’s) were stolen. Although Terry’s brother discovered the break-in the following day and reported it to the police, as yet there have been no leads and none of the equipment has been found. So in case anyone offers to sell you a piece of second-hand electronic equipment matching any of the following descriptions, please get in touch with Terry immediately. Stolen were two Technics 1200 record decks, a Panasonic CD multi-player and a JVC Karaoke 3CD playing machine.

Il Mare - Aliki

For all those who know Aliki and its picturesque harbour, we are pleased to inform you of an addition to its facilities. Not just a place to eat, but with its unobscured panoramic view of Aliki and Antiparos and its patio seating area next to the sea, it has already become very popular. Aliki, being an area which attracts many Athenian visitors, this taverna and pizzeria will always be of a very high standard in decor and food.

M. Megas (Introductory Stock Exchange Firm)

The company M. Megas A.E.L.D.E. is a Greek “introductory” brokerage firm. It was established in 1998 by a very capable financial manager (M.Sc.) Mrs Memi Papakonstantopoulou who has extensive experience in the financial sector.

The firm was established in order to provide several financial services to its customers. It started in cooperation with Egnatia Securities S.A. - one of the six largest Greek brokerage firms - to execute the investment trading orders of its clients to trade shares listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) and mutual funds units. Today the company cooperates not only with Egnatia Securities, but also with several other prominent financial institutions such as Beta Securities, T Network Investment Services, Metronet Investment Services, Rate Capital Investment Services, etc. Through these relationships, it is able to offer not only stock trading services, but a wide range of financial services such as corporate services, money market services, investment banking, Athens derivatives exchange and asset management.

In the constantly changing market, M. Megas’ primary goal is to research and assess risk on behalf of its clients so as to maximize the profits from their investment decisions.

They provide daily, weekly and monthly market bulletins with views and forecasts based on the latest and projected developments. Regular company reports on most major listed companies are updated to reflect financial results, investment planning or other significant and financial developments, ensuring a continuous and consistent flow of information to clients.

In addition to individual customized portfolios, they offer also the option of investing in a selection of mutual funds presented under Egnatia & Beta Securities. These are equity funds which primarily invest in Greek equities and have consistently outperformed the ASE Index. There are also several other categories of mutual funds, such as fixed-income fund, money-market fund, MSCI Europe fund, etc., through which they offer investment choices suitable to any risk profile and to long-, medium- or short-term horizons.
Clients can also invest directly and execute transactions in international equity markets such as on the New York, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Nicosia, etc, stock exchanges.

Efforts are focused on three areas: communicating and offering interesting ideas on a timely basis, executing orders at the optimal price and offering post-market support. Their team uses its expertise to suggest portfolio strategies to suit investors’ objectives. The firm’s traders work very closely with their clients to provide them with a timely flow of information on a daily basis, including direct feedback and immediate progress reports on their orders. M. Megas’ client base, including companies, individual and institutional investors, can also be confident that their transactions are processed without delays and strictly according to their instructions.

Committed to a philosophy of quality through continuous improvement, the firm constantly strives to recognize the client’s financial needs and satisfy them to the best of its ability. M. Megas has also kindly agreed to provide The Foreigner/Paros Life with a series of financial and investment articles for future editions. The first of these texts follows.

M. Megas is headquartered in Tinos (Memi Papakonstantopoulou, tel: 0283-25980/1, 0944-363134, email memi@thn.forthnet.gr) with branch offices in Paros (Tina Papakonstantopoulou, tel: 0284-28121, 0972-317517, midaparo@otenet.gr), Thessaloniki (tel: 031-557167) and Athens (tel: 01-647-8951). See advert p11.

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