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Animal Talk

by Gina Saunders, October 2001
October - perhaps the start of cooler weather - what a relief! We pray for some good long steady downpours of rain. The local farmers are not impressed when we have half-an-hour of torrential rain - they say that it doesn't soak in and just runs away. Guess it makes sense. The earth in our area is mostly red clay which holds the moisture even into the hot summer months. I was very surprised when Jack Donkey spent a long time scraping a deep area before rolling in it. He rubbed his body from head to tail in this well-prepared area and looked a terrible mess absolutely plastered with red mud. There was no point in applying his anti-fly spray as usual because there were no flies around him - his fly control was better than mine!

This summer there have been 20 dogs - mostly small young adults or puppies - sent to Switzerland. They travel with all vaccinations and paperwork and all adults are sterilized. Barbara advertises on the Internet, finds homes for them before they leave and then Barbara's mother returns to Switzerland with another consignment of lucky dogs. Many of the new owners send long emails telling of the progress of the dogs in their new lives. Isn't that great? How very fortunate that Barbara's mother visits the island regularly and is such a caring lady.

Marlis Lade, PAWS Treasurer, who feeds, medicates and generally watches over the stray dogs in Paroikia, will be leaving for her new home on 6th October. The few of us who are trying to keep PAWS functioning will miss Marlis desperately. We all seem to have a part to play in PAWS and, no matter how small, it is very valuable. Our lives are a lot easier now that we have a resident vet, but there are still many situations when people, especially tourists, just need to talk to someone about an animal that they have found.

Vivienne, who left the island two years ago to return to Australia, returned for the summer and has been busy rounding up stray cats and organizing their sterilization. Well done, Vivienne! We wish you a good journey home again. Thanks also go to Marilyn Rooks for helping Vivienne get the cats to and from the vet.

Looking at the records, it seems that only four people from the island have renewed their subscriptions this year. If you simply can't afford 10,000drs, then please just donate whatever amount you can - details how to do this are at the bottom of the page. Actually, I suspect that most people just don't get around to paying the subscription. But we will not be able to continue the sterilization programme without substantial funds for next year and the feeding during the winter will be a problem. This brings me to a request for someone who may be driving through Munich and coming to the island. We have access to a supply of food, but it would cost as much as it is worth to ship it to Paros. If anyone can bring any amount of tinned or dry food in their car we would be very grateful.

We have relied almost completely on donations from overseas to keep going and those have been less than usual this year. We cannot keep going without money or help. There are only a few of us and we may have a problem even making a committee if things don't change. I am scheduled for surgery in December and may well be out of action for a month or so and this will not help. The only one happy about my surgery is Jack who is going to stay with his friend Maria Mule! He really loves her - it's good to see them together.

I am looking for someone to help me get to France where some kind friends of Marilyn Rooks (who have already managed to home another dog and a cat from Paros this summer) are ready to do the same for me. If you can be my escort, please call Marilyn on 25238 or 0945-055718 or email her at: marilyn@paroshome.com.

Editor's Note: If you find a stray cat or dog and want help in exporting it, you can contact the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on the numbers listed below. Also willing to help are Terry & Emma at Maracaibo Bar in Paroikia (tel 22894, 0945-27827,email maracaibo@parosweb.com) and Barbara Burki (tel 91581 or email babik@otenet.gr).


PAWS (Paros Animal Welfare Society)

website: www.parosweb.com/paws
email: paws@parosweb.com

PAWS annual membership dues are 10,000drs for adults, 2,000drs for children under 16. Send to PO Box 14, Parikia, or pay directly into the PAWS bank account at the Ionian Bank - account no. 35935061 and call one of the names below to give us your name, address and tel no.

Gina Saunders - Tel: 91859, Fax: 91667
Marilyn Metaxa - Tel: 51637
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