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Paros Animal Welfare Society

As the weather becomes colder and winter closes in, please take a few moments to think about the stray animal population on Paros.

PAWS is in desperate need of money to carry out our winter feeding programme for the stray cats and dogs on the island. Please give whatever you can spare and join the society to show your support - just fill in the form below and return it to us with your donation.

Even if you can't manage to contribute financially, your time and your skills are also valuable assets which you might consider offering to one or more of the PAWS projects designed to help the stray animal population.

In particular, we have two new pilot projects - the "Volunteer Database" and the "Pet Sharing Scheme" in which you can participate. See below for further details.

We are also urgently in need of:

1. a kindly person or persons travelling by air or car to Bremmen. We have a dog ready and waiting with a home in Bremmen. There would be no costs involved and everything would be well organised in advance.

2. another kind person or persons travelling by car to Bavaria. Again the dog is ready and the home is waiting. Anyone who thinks that they may be able to help, please call Barbara on 91581. There will also be a contribution towards the petrol.

3. anyone travelling back to the island via Germany with just a little space, please could they call into Munich and collect some animal food. Any amount would help. For this please ring me, Gina, on 91859 or Katherina on 0049-89577753 in Munich.

Volunteer Database

Many residents and visitors to the island tell us that they would like to assist PAWS in its aims to help the stray animal population, but they don't necessarily want to become involved in committee meetings or regular discussions about policies, procedures and objectives. If this is the case and you have any specific skills or just some time or interesting ideas to offer, please let us know so that we can add your name to our Volunteer Database. We will then know that we can call you for assistance in case you are needed in any particular instance.

For example, one person has volunteered to take photographs of stray animals so that we can improve publicity to try to find them homes; another has offered to help give tourists advice if they want to take an animal home. We also always need volunteers in different areas of the island during the winter to take part in our feeding programme.

If you are interested in volunteering your help in any way, please call or email Lornie at 28282 or mail@lorniecaplan.com to be added to our database.

Pet Sharing Scheme

We've heard of quite a few successful stories of people who have arranged on an individual basis to "share" pets. Sometimes home-owners who are only on the island during the summer months would happily take a dog or a cat for the duration of their stay each year, but are unable to do so when they know that they will not be here to care for the animal during the winter.

Others who enjoy long walks on Paros' empty beaches during the winter months and would love the company of a dog, don't feel that it would be fair to keep that dog tied up all day every day during the summer when they have to work particularly long hours.

If you would like a pet, but don't get one because you only feel able to offer them a home for a certain number of months in the year, please let us know and we will add your name to the list of those participating in the "Pet Sharing Scheme". If you have already taken in a stray animal and don't know what you will do with the animal when you have to leave the island, let us know too. If we find a match, we will let you know. Call or email Lornie at 28282 or mail@lorniecaplan.com to participate.

PAWS Bazaar & Clothes Give-away

The next PAWS Bazaar is being planned for February 2002.

We will be looking for clean clothing in good condition, plus any other household items, toys or equipment that we can sell to raise money for Paros' stray animals.

If you are able to keep your surplus clothing or other items at your home until February, this will save us from needing to find storage space in the meantime - always the biggest challenge for this activity. But please call or email Lornie at 28282 or mail@lorniecaplan.com to let us know if you are saving things for us so that we can contact you the week before the bazaar to arrange delivery or collection. If you have items now and are unable to store them until February, let us know and we will endeavour to find a solution for you right away.

As Lornie has also very kindly offered to be responsible for the bi-annual clothes give-away project that Sigi Kindt was previously organising, she will be working together with the PAWS committee to operate a "two-tier" system with regard to the clothing. Those items which remain unsold at the Bazaar will subsequently be offered at the next give-away which will also be held in February.

We might even manage to implement a three-tiered system if anyone knows where we might donate the final leftovers and rags to be turned into the multicoloured kourelou carpets. Let us know if you have any ideas.

Success Stories

Paros Life & PAWS are always looking for success stories about animals that have been "exported" from Paros to other countries. If you have a story to tell, please let us have any details and photographs to publish and help encourage more exports. We're also happy to include pictures and descriptions of animals looking for homes (though we'd strongly suggest that you get them sterilized first). Send details to info@paroslife.com or call 42092.

Thank You

Finally, a very big thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us in so many ways, big and small, throughout 2001. In particular, we are very grateful to Barbara Burki for successfully arranging the relocation of so many puppies abroad.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.



I enclose:

____10,000 drs (30 EURO) yearly dues
____ 5,000 drs (15 EURO) guest membership
____ drs donation

Please send to P.O.Box 14, Paroikia, PAROS 84400, Greece, or make a donation to one of our collection boxes which can be found in various locations around the island.

Membership dues & donations go towards:

1. Sterilization programme to decrease the number of unwanted cats and dogs living on the streets.

2. Preventing starvation of the stray population during the winter months.

3. Protecting the stray population from disease by providing regular vaccinations.

4. Providing veterinary treatment for sick or injured stray animals.


PAWS (Paros Animal Welfare Society)
website: www.parosweb.com/paws
email: paws@parosweb.com

PAWS annual membership dues are 10,000drs (30 EURO) for regular members, 5,000drs (15 EURO) for guest members. Send to PO Box 14, Parikia, or pay directly into the PAWS bank account at the Alpha Bank - account no. 625-002101-053610 and call one of the names below to give us your name, address and tel no.

Gina Saunders - Tel: 91859, Fax: 91667
Marilyn Metaxa - Tel: 51637
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