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  Nr. 45 - February 2002
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What's On in February

Schedule of events - February 2002
For events marked (#), contact Irini Kyriazanou or Marina Stergiou of DEPA at Paros Town Hall (tel 02840-22860) for further info.

For information about IWOP (the International Women's Organization of Paros) contact Silvia (02840-22983), Mary (02840-43397), Beate (02840-21221) or Elsa (02840-23138).

2nd Feb - Ypapandi - 40 days since the birth of Christ.

2nd Feb - evening - dinner-dance at the "Minoa" in Naoussa with performance by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa. Info:Nektaria 02840-51325.

13th Feb - 10.30am - IWOP social meeting at Elsa's house in Paroikia. Info: Elsa on 02840-23138.

14th Feb - St. Valentine's Day.

16th Feb - 9pm - dinner-dance at the "Minoa" in Naoussa with performance by the Music Dance Group of Naoussa. Info: 02840-52284.

23rd Feb - Beginning of Apokries (the Carnival period) for the three weeks up to the start of Lent on Clean Monday. Traditionally a time for fiestas and parties.

24th Feb - 12 midday - Clothes Give-away at Archilochos Hall, Paroikia. Info: Lornie on 02840-28282.

27th Feb - 3.00pm - IWOP social meeting at Kiranos Caf?, Naoussa. Info: Lornie on 02840-28282.

Throughout February:

Yoga classes by Oona Giesen in Aliki. Call 92042 or email: oona@parosweb.com.

Tai Chi classes at the Gym in Paroikia (Livadia). Cost 10,000 drs per month. Classes Mon,Wed & Sat. Call Nikos on 02840-41652 or 0937-683670 (speak Greek).

Traditional Greek dancing lessons organized free of charge by the Municipality. Adult beginners at 7.30pm on Weds at the "KENTPO NEOTHTO" on the Peripheriako in Paroikia - a few doors down from IKA. Also for children of different ages on Weds & Thu. #

Live Music at the Art Caf?, Paroikia every Friday and Saturday evening. Also an exhibition of jigsaw puzzles of works by famous artists. Info: Xanthe on 02840-24389.

Music lessons for kids, organized by the Municipality at the Music School daily from 5-8pm. 16,000drs per month. Instruments include piano, guitar, violin, accordion & bouzouki. #

Catholic Mass - every second Sunday (10th & 24th Feb) with Father Manolis Remondos from Naxos at 5pm at Ag. Antonios (also called Franco Monastery) close to the public school in Paroikia. tel 02850-22470, 23492, 22292.

Quiz Show & Darts Competition at Remezzo Caf? every Sunday at 3pm. Tel 02840-24216.

	Sunrise	Sunset

1 Feb 0722 1744
8 Feb 0716 1752
15 Feb 0708 1759
22 Feb 0700 1806
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