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PAWS Annual General Meeting

by Vicki Preston
The PAWS AGM was held at the Archilochos Hall on Sunday, May 30th.

An extensive report on the society's 2003 activities was read out by President Gina Saunders and the accounts for the same period were presented by Treasurer Annemarie Chouakhi (see column opposite). Annemarie informed us that copies of the accounts are available from her to anyone on request.

PAWS' main activities, as usual, have been to house, rehome, sterilize, vaccinate and medicate the island's stray animals. Committee members Barbara and Annemarie, together with Christof and Ursula, have organised the housing, new homes and transportation of 100 dogs - a tremendous achievement, Gina told us. Every animal sent abroad goes to a specific home and all data has been carefully catalogued by Barbara who is compiling the information for the PAWS website which she plans to update and reorganize within the coming months to include pictures of the puppies in their new homes.

It was explained that since Barbara was doing this work before she joined the PAWS committee, she has to date maintained separate accounts for the dogs that are homed internationally. Though PAWS supports these dogs by providing some funds (such as vaccinations and health certificates), the main expenses and donations associated with these animals are not reflected in the PAWS accounts. It was noted that more than half of the annual expenses are veterinary costs and that this year there will be new charges for microchips (at 35 euros each), so the society needs donations more than ever.

Despite asking the PAWS members (by letter) and others (through May's "Paros Life") for nominations for a new committee, only one nomination was received. This means that there was no need to vote for a new committee as the existing four members (Gina, Annemarie, Vice-President Marilyn Metaxa and Secretary Barbara Burki) will remain and Barbara Chamberlain will join them as a fifth member. The Committee will elect the officers at its first meeting.

According to the PAWS constitution, the Committee stands for two years, but Gina urged anyone interested in the society to consider standing as an additional member of the committee for the next year.

PAWS have also had a number of meetings with Mayor Rangoussis and, with his cooperation, are hoping to set up a holding centre for dogs waiting to be rehomed and for post-operative animals. They are currently in negotiations with him for financial support for the centre which will be run by Barbara on a temporary basis. They are also discussing a publicity campaign with him to stop the dumping of baby animals in rubbish bins and to encourage sterilization.

It was clarified that there are no plans to send animals to a shelter in Athens as was reported erroneously in March's "Paros Life". This, in any case, would not be in accordance with the new law (3170 of 29 July 2003) which makes each local municipality in Greece responsible for its own stray animals.

The Committee have decided to split the membership into two - overseas and island members - in order to ensure that they have enough members present to hold an AGM. Gina also explained that the PAWS constitution ("articles of agreement") was copied from another society and has many points which have no practical application on Paros and which cause them a number of difficulties. They have taken legal advice about creating a new constitution and have been told this will cost around 800 euros. With very little funds available, the Committee do not feel that this would be the best use of members' money. Perhaps there is someone out there who would be willing to donate the money specifically for this purpose?

Currently, PAWS is caring for a total of 18 young puppies and 6 adult dogs. If anyone is travelling to Germany or Switzerland, please consider giving a puppy a ride who has found a home abroad.

Call Barbara on 22840-91581 or email animals@parosweb.org if you can help.

PAWS Financial Report 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2003
(in euro)

Administration 754.11
Cages/Boxes 146.00
Export Expenses (inc.vet costs) 332.40
Food 1,281.22
Installations (material etc.) 64.20
Kalaazar Tests (leishmania) 48.00
Other (collars, leads, etc.) 184.20
Sterilizations 1,209.00
Vet: Vaccinations/Health Certif. 2,248.00
Vet: Medicines 712.95
Vet: Treatments 734.50

Total 7,714.58

Bazaar 734.00
Bank Account Transfer 133.70
Bank Interest 10.73
Donations 1,462.98
Donation Boxes 1,741.47
Membership Fees 1,732.46

Total 5,815.34

BALANCE - 1,899.24 *
Balances as at 31.12.2003 **

Cash 34.77
Alpha Bank 2,270.49
UBS (CHF 601.90, Rate 1.55) 386.90

Total amount 2,692.16

* Despite a loss of 1,899.24 during 2003, PAWS was able to continue operating due to a large donation of 4,000 euro from an American University at the end of 2002, which amount is not shown in the 2003 accounts. Note also that a welfare society is not permitted by law to make a profit.

** During the first 5 months of 2004, more than 2,000 euro has already been spent on vet's bills.



PAWS (Paros Animal Welfare Society)
website: www.parosweb.com/paws
email: animals@parosweb.org

PAWS annual membership dues are 30 Euro for regular members, 15 Euro for guest members. Send to PO Box 14, Parikia, or pay directly into the PAWS bank account at the Alpha Bank - account no. 625-002101-053610 and call one of the names below to give us your name, address and tel no.

Gina Saunders - Tel: 22840-91859, Fax: 22840-91667
Marilyn Metaxa - Tel: 22840-51637
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