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  Nr. 72 - July 2004
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IWOP Annual General Meeting

The IWOP Annual General Meeting was held this year on May 26th in the beautiful little courtyard of the Spiti Bar in Market Street.

Seventeen IWOP members were present and a few members who could not be there had asked that statements of their support be read. The meeting was opened with a reading of "The Rabbi's Gift" by M. Scott Peck which reminded us how each one of us has some special talent or gift and of the need to treat one another and ourselves with respect.

The group voted to keep the same structure and purpose as before. Volunteers to organize activities for the next year are Jean Polyzoides, Barbara Chamberlain, Karen Barratt, Sue Saunders and Yvonne Jonsson. Many thanks to the outgoing team of Jean, Barbara, Mary Godfrey and Silvia Lubitz-Skaramagka for their contribution over the past year.

It was also decided that we would continue weekly meetings through the winter months, with one coffee morning, one evening out and two meetings with topics each month and that the times and locations of the meetings would be varied to make it easier for more women to attend. Also that the team should not feel under pressure to hold weekly meetings during the months when there are few members present on the island and that the number of meetings per month can be reduced as and when it is appropriate to do so. There is no fixed agenda for the summer months, but ad hoc events may be organized.

Jean will continue to provide the agenda on a monthly basis for inclusion in 'Paros Life' and will also send out regular emails to IWOP members with email addresses to remind them of meetings. Vicki will continue to maintain the membership list and will add emails to it.

Jean asked for members to provide more regular feedback on the subjects and venues so as to help the team better plan activities to suit the women on the island.

It was agreed that partners and children are welcome at some events and activities, but that the team should decide on a case-by-case basis when that is appropriate and ensure that it is specified when the activity or event is announced in 'Paros Life'.

There was some discussion about the fact that we do not have many Greek members in the group and we reiterated that we would be very happy to have more Greek women join our meetings and activities and encourage anyone interested to come along.

It was decided too that from now on we will make small (completely voluntary) donations at some of our meetings and that these funds as well as those from the next fund-raising activity organized will go towards creating an emergency fund for the Health Centre for women and children in need of urgent assistance.

Coming IWOP events will be: Olympic Games Mini Celebration on Aug 18th at 7-9pm. Wear your Olympic T-shirt, or your country's T-shirt and bring a dish with you (typical of your country) to the IWOP celebration for the Games. Snacks and drinks in Krios at the Doctor's House - come and play chess on the 'big board with the big pieces', take part in the egg and spoon race, play boules and other non-energetic sports which have not yet entered the Olympic arena! Husbands, partners and children welcome, but please contact Jean to let her know how many to expect: email polysurg@otenet.gr or tel. 22840-23809.

We will hold our first meeting of the winter on Sept 7th when we will also celebrate Rosemary's birthday; on Oct 6th we will celebrate the October Beerfest; Nov 5th a Square Dance Evening and fund-raising event, and Dec 8th the Annual Christmas Carol Singing. Have a great summer!

For further info on IWOP call: Jean (22840-23809), Yvonne (22840-52407), Barbara (22840-23108), Karen (22840-92103) or Sue (22840-91566).
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