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  Nr. 51 - August 2002
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What’s on in August

Schedule of events - August 2002
For events marked (#), contact Irini Kyriazanou or Marina Stergiou of DEPA at Paros Town Hall (tel 02840-22860) for further info.

For IWOP (the International Women's Organization of Paros) contact Silvia (02840-22983), Elsa (02840-23138), Jean (02840-23809) or Carla (02840-24607).

For the Music Dance Group of Naoussa contact tel 02840-52284, email parofolk@otenet.gr and the Folkdance Group of Naoussa tel 02840-51007.

2nd Aug - 8.30 - opening of painting exhibition at Aegean Center for the Fine Arts. See page 5. Info: John Pack on 02840-23287.

3rd Aug - concert by ELTA Music Group of Greek songs in Zood. Pigis Square, Paroikia. #

4th Aug - 9pm - performance by the Music Dance Group of Naoussa in the courtyard of the Panaghia Church, Naoussa.

5th Aug - 9.30pm - Mass at the church for the festival for the Transfiguration of Christ (Metamorphosi tou Sotira) in Marpissa. Traditional music, dancing and mezedes. Info: Sophia 02840-41121.

5th Aug - Concert by N. Portokaloglou, El. Tsaligopoulou at the Municipal Stadium, Paroikia.#

6th Aug - 9.30 - Festival (Panigiri tou Sotiros) in Marpissa with live music in the church courtyard. Info: Sophia 02840-41121.

6th Aug - Festival in Aliki (Panigiri tou Sotiros) with live music, fish & local wine.#

6th Aug - 9pm opening of painting exhibition and auction running until 26th Aug at Aghios Athanassios Hall in Naoussa. See page 4.#

9-11th Aug - 7pm-11pm - Naoussa Women's Group are holding a bazaar with traditional Parian products. Info: Eleftheria 02840-51402.

10th Aug - Concert by G. Kotsira, D. Bassi at the Municipal Stadium, Paroikia.#

11th Aug - Concert dedicated to Greek 60's rock in Aliki.#

12th Aug - 9pm - Concert by the Paros Philharmonic Orchestra in Aspro Chorio.#

13th Aug - 9pm - Concert by the Paros Philharmonic Orchestra in Paroikia.#

14th Aug - 9pm - Concert by the Paros Philharmonic Orchestra in Kostos.#

15th Aug - National holiday - Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Koimisis tis Theotokou) and the biggest festival of the year on Paros. This day has been observed at the Ekatontapiliani Church for almost 1500 years. A long service is followed by a procession through the streets of Paroikia accompanied by a naval band. During the day, market stalls are set up on the streets and in the evening there is a parade of flare-lit fishing boats, a spectacular firework display starting at around 9pm and traditional Greek dancing by the Municipal Dancing Group.#

15th Aug - Opening of book exhibition at the Dimotiko School Lefkes, running until 25th.#

16th Aug - 10pm - Greek music, dancing and food at the Kostos Taverna in Kostos. Ticket cost 17 Euro. Info: 02840-22546.

16-18th Aug - 8-11pm - Holland Tunnel Arts weekend. Info: 02840-22700/22195. See page 4.

17th Aug - 9pm - performance by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa in the courtyard of the Panaghia Church, Naoussa.

18th Aug - 8.30pm - Classical guitar and mandolin concert in the courtyard of the Municipal Library, Paroikia.#

18th Aug - Lefkes Games preliminaries for traditional bowling tournament and torchlit procession (lampadidromia). Info: Nicoletta 02840-41182.

21st Aug - Concert of traditional music in Lefkes.#

21st Aug - 7.30pm - IWOP special event at Jean Polyzoides' home, Krios. Fiounnuala Brennan, author of the book "On a Greek Island" will read from her book and talk about life on Paros 25 years ago. RSVP on 02840-23809 or email polysurg@otenet.gr.

23rd Aug - 9pm - A colourful festival with a procession of boats bearing torches is held in the harbour of Naoussa to celebrate the Enneamera as well as the "Pirate Festival". Traditional Greek dancing by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa.#

24th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre by the Theatre Group of Ag. Athanassios in the Square of the Ekatontapiliani, Paroikia.#

24th Aug - Festival of Aghios Kosmas in Lefkes.#

24th Aug - Reception at Lefkes Village Hotel marking the 100 year anniversary of the Dimotiko School in Lefkes.#

25th Aug - Presentation of the book by Kyriaki Rangoussi-Kontogiorgou "Stella Zacharias, Folklore of Paros" in Marpissa.#

25th Aug - Lefkes Games finals for bowling tournament, race around Lefkes and traditional evening of festivities with music, food, lottery and other events. Info: Nicoletta 02840-41182.

25th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre by the Theatre Group of Ag. Athanassios in Naoussa.#

26th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre by the Theatre Group of Ag. Athanassios in Kostos.#

27th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre by the Theatre Group of Ag. Athanassios in Lefkes.#

27th Aug - 9pm - Festival of Aghios Fanourios in Ambelas. Info: Eleftheria 02840-51402.

28th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre by the Theatre Group of Ag. Athanassios in Marpissa.#

28th Aug - 8pm - Mass at the Monastery of Aghios Ioannis, Naoussa followed by mezedes & souma and dancing. Info: Eleftheria 02840-51402.

28th Aug - 9pm - Opera and Operetta evening with two sopranos, one mezzo-soprano and a pianist at Theatre Nostos, New Golden Beach. Info 02840-42606, 0932-464204.

29th Aug - Festival of Aghios Ioannis,Lefkes.#

29th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre by the Theatre Group of Ag. Athanassios in Angeria.#

30th Aug - 8.30pm - Shadow theatre in Aspro Chorio.#

31st Aug - 9pm - Concert for piano and clarinet at Theatre Nostos, New Golden Beach. Info 02840-42606, 0932-464204.

31st Aug - 9pm - performance by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa and a visiting dance group from Thessaloniki in the courtyard of the Panaghia Church, Naoussa.

Throughout August:

Yoga classes (regular lessons) stop during August and there is an intensive 8-day workshop from 25 Aug-2 Sep by Jeanne Buntinx. Call 02840-92042 or email: oona@parosweb.com.

Catholic Mass - Thursday 15th Aug and every Sunday with Father Manolis Remondos from Naxos at 6pm at Aghios Georgios in Naoussa and at 7pm at Ag. Antonios (Franco Monastery) in Paroikia. Tel: 02850-22470, 23492, 22292.

Sailing & swimming lessons for kids - organized by NOP (Navtikos Omilos Parou) 44m per month. Sailing lessons on Optimist and Laser for children from 7 years and up, 3-4 lessons per week of 2-3hrs in Livadia, Paroikia. Info: Theodoros Karageorgos 02840-92018, 093-7776534. Swimming lessons for children from 4 1/2 years and up, between 3-6 lessons per week. Info: Xenofon Flokos 02840-23159, 22501, 0944-455145. Teachers speak English & Greek.

Punda Beach - live music, bands, and many other promotional events (02840-41717 or www.pundabeach.gr).

Live Music - every Sun from 4.30pm there is live Rock, Latin and Reggae music and every Weds from 8.30pm live Jazz at Magaya Beach Taverna and Music Bar on Delfini Beach (02840-23791). See advert & article on page 6.

Live Greek music every night from 9-11pm at Ariis Restaurant in Paroikia plus live Greek music at the Art Caf? next door every Saturday after midnight. Info: 02840-24409 or 02840-24389.

Live Classical Music every evening and Live Jazz at weekends at the Pebbles Pianobar in Paroikia. Info: 02840-22283 and see page 6.

Octopus Sea Trips offer nature appreciation tours exploring rock-pools, beachcombing, seabed exploration and snorkelling, art workshops, beach and sea games for families and children. Aegean Diving College offer daily sea excursions and scuba-diving, marine ecology and biology courses, underwater photography and maritime archaeology. Info at Octopus Sea Trips, Golden Beach or call 02840-43347, 093-2757123 or see www.octopuseatrips.com, email: octopuseatrips@aegeandive.gr.

Olive Oil Workshops (in German) every Sun,Mon,Weds & Fri from 10am-1pm in Naoussa. See article on page 10.

Mykonos Cultural Centre - programme of concerts, performances and exhibitions available on 02890-27190.

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New Moon 8 Aug
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and in September:

Note that the printer will be closed until 2nd September, so Paros Life will not be available until the 4-5th of the month.

1st Sep - 10am onwards - 4th IWOP Benefit Event - Flea Market at Kolimbithres (tel 02840-52754 for directions). See article page 11.
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