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  Nr. 52 - September 2002
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Animal Talk

PAWS Update - Committee Meetings 23.7 & 20.8

* Our October bazaar preparations already have one committee member looking for larger living accommodation (!) but we still need lots of quality goods for resale.

* We are still in need of somewhere to house sterilised female dogs for 10 days. We have applied for funding to finance this side of things and plan to contact the owners of some abandoned buildings on a remote piece of land that with a bit of work would serve as a temporary home for post-op care. It is far enough from civilisation not to pose a nuisance to anyone and should be an affordable rent, but not too inaccessible as to make it impractical.

* We have started planning the collection of winter food stocks as well as a public awareness campaign to take the island by storm, but will be keeping it all under wraps for a while yet! No peeping!

* We are wracking our little brains to come up with an approachable member of the Orthodox Church-going community who would be willing to speak to the local clergy in the hope of inspiring an animal welfare related sermon. We have one name of someone to approach, but if anyone has any other ideas, please let us know.

* We hit the streets last month with our bright yellow collection boxes sporting their newly-printed stickers. Hunting in pairs we arm-wrestled local businesses into prominently displaying one of these desirable cubes in order to boost one of our sources of income dramatically and provide public access to our brand-new and imaginatively-designed flier/membership forms which are attached to the side. Having distributed the hundred new boxes around the island, we now have to start emptying the blooming things! Please consider making the counting easier by donating hundred Euro notes rather than small change - we like round figures!

* A mysterious and very generous anonymous benefactor has made available to us a very large amount of tinned and dried animal food. All we need to do is find a way of transporting it here from Munich. Anyone making the journey in a Mini or Juggernaut could help us out. We need 4 week's notice at our end. Contact Lornie on 0973 620525.

* We are meeting up to complete a grant request form this week, armed with dictionary, copies of accounts and plenty of pens!

* Two kittens have arrived safely for a new life in Holland though they couldn't get the hang of wearing clogs!

* We still need old sheets/towels/clothes to use for animal bedding. Please see if you can't find something we can use.

* We are getting organised to have more people armed with the necessary first aid supplies needed for treating poisoning cases.

* Two particularly enthusiastic visitors have written to the Mayor and local language newspaper urging support for our efforts and decrying the stray problem on Paros. At least we are pretty sure that's what it says - its official language is being interpreted into English now! This is an extremely useful way of helping.


Show your support for the animals in Greece by signing the online petition at www.paw-europe.com/olympics.html as a new organization, Coalition in Defence of Animals in Greece (CIDAG), currently with 24 member groups, will be meeting with Greek government officials and releasing a press release about the plight of animals in Greece prior to the 2004 Olympics.


Last month we featured the story of Boney - an abandoned dog who had lost a leg and was barely living in appalling conditions under a bridge in a dry river bed. Luckily for him he was found by Barbara Burki, who informs us that he is now doing really well. Some initial complications with the stump after the operation gave her some sleepless nights, but after 10 days of "intensive care" (antibiotics and changing of dressings twice daily, plus the use of a miraculous salve - helixderm -with 100% natural ingredients and which actually restores tissue) he recovered just fine.

He's still a bit weak on his one hind leg as a result of the whole ordeal, but with good food, vitamins and calcium she thinks he will recover completely. He gets along perfectly well with her other dogs, and with cats and all humans. He's happy and playful, and, as Barbara has decided to keep him, now he has a permanent new home.

Some of our other local dogs still looking for homes include Sigma, Nellie, Sandy, Pinky, Binny, Lulua and Teddy - you can see them at www.hundeinnot.ch/griechenland.htm and at www.tierschutzfaelle.de (look under "Tierschutz Board", then "Tiere aus dem Ausland"). These are the two websites that Barbara has used to achieve phenomenal success in finding homes for over 50 of Paros' stray dogs.


PAWS (Paros Animal Welfare Society)
website: http://parosweb.com/paws
email: paws@parosweb.com

PAWS annual membership dues are 30 Euro for regular members, 15 Euro for guest members. Send to PO Box 14, Parikia, or pay directly into the PAWS bank account at the Alpha Bank - account no. 625-002101-053610 and call one of the names below to give us your name, address and tel no.

Gina Saunders - Tel: 02840-91859, Fax: 02840-91667
Marilyn Metaxa - Tel: 02840-51637
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