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  Nr. 72 - July 2004
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Letters to the Editor

Paros Life welcomes your letters. Send to P.O. Box 112, Paros or email to info@paroslife.com, including your full name, address and phone number. Paros Life reserves the right to edit.

Please keep in mind that the philosophy of this publication is one of promoting cooperation and integration within our local community. Whilst not denying that problems exist, we strive always to emphasise the positive. We seek means of continuous improvement, rather than focusing on criticism which tends to foster antagonism instead of contributing to solutions. Letters which reflect this spirit are most likely to be published.

Aghia Irini - Saint of Peace??

What happens in Aghia Irini in June?

1. The access road gets worse every year due to the heavy traffic for the construction of houses all around. The road has no gravel, it is just dirt, so everybody gets the dust all day long, and all the cars drive much too fast.

2. During the best part of the tourist season we suffer tremendous noise, emissions of bad air and lots of dirt due to the excavation work and the operation of heavy rock-breaking machines. Most of the houses in Aghia Irini are rented to foreigners who come here to find peace and beauty. But when neither can be found here any longer, many leave the island with a bad memory of Paros. Certainly this will not help tourism in the future.

3. Another incomprehensible fact is the situation of Aghia Irini beach. This is one of the most excellent and beautiful places on the whole island. But who is taking care of it? Who is concerned about cleaning up the rubbish left by visitors and washed up by the sea? Plastic bags, pampers, bottles, cans, and pieces of wood with nails certainly don't encourage people to swim or to stay in this outstanding spot. For six years now, a group of Swiss people have been so concerned that they have been cleaning the beach to restore its beauty. But why isn't the community ensuring that the beach is properly looked after?

We all pay taxes and believe that it is in the public interest for these taxes also to be used for keeping the island clean and beautiful. We have noted that many more places and areas have had new garbage containers installed which certainly helps a lot. This is very much appreciated by those of us who live in the area.

Finally, we must keep in mind that tourism is important for this island and that during the busiest months (June to end of September), this frenetic building activity cannot be in the best interests of the inhabitants and the community.

We hope the relevant authorities will consider our complaints and that our suggestions will help to improve the situation so that these things can be organized in a better way.

Berty Brunner, Aghia Irini

Health Centre Thank You

It was a Sunday morning, and we were off around the island to go to a meeting in Parasporos. My husband, Richard, was driving.

I first thought I had a bit of indigestion, due to the fatty food eaten (late by our standards) the previous evening, and followed by a very late night. But after a short time, I got a pain in the breastbone region, which became increasingly worse.

Then I thought I was going to be sick, so we stopped the car. It was a fruitless exercise. By this time the pain was excruciating, and no matter what I did I could not get comfortable.

Richard decided that we should head for the Health Centre in Paroikia, with which I readily agreed.
After maybe another 15 minutes, the pain started to subside a little, but then I discovered that if I tried to swallow, the cramp-like pain started again. I began through my (by now) muddled thoughts to think that this was not a heart attack (which Richard obviously thought it was), but had no idea what it could be.

By the time we arrived outside the Health Centre, I was shaking all over, could not get out of the car without Richard's support, but at least was able to swallow, and with the pain much improved.

We staggered in, Richard pointed to my chest, and straight away I was placed on the couch next to the electrocardiogram and crash machines.

Three ladies (one I believe was the doctor) asked both me and Richard questions, whilst connecting up the electrocardiogram machine. During this time they checked my blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in my blood. Everything was normal, and by now I was slowly calming down. I suspect there was an element of shock involved.

They gave me a tranquilliser to help calm me, and said I should rest there for around half-an-hour. After this time I was allowed to leave, feeling normal, but still somewhat shaken by the whole event.

We could not praise the actions of these ladies enough, and were most impressed by the immediate and professional attention.

A big "thank you" to the Paroikia Public Health Centre.

Barbara Ward, Tsoukalia

Thanks From My Mum!

Hello. I was holidaying in Paros for the last two weeks and unfortunately my mother, who is 72, had a fall on the main street near the gift shops in Paroikia.

I would just like to thank all those people who came to her aid and in particular the shopkeeper who gave her some water.

She badly bruised her arm, shoulder and hip, but with the help of some pain killers and the kindness of the Greek people in Piso Livadi, she recovered well and had a holiday to remember.

She had never been abroad in her lifetime until now. We have just returned from Greece and she has started saving for next year!

I would be grateful if you could print this letter in the hope that the people concerned will read this. I know it means a great deal to my mother.

"Eferisto polie". Thank you very much.

Mark Ross, England
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