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  Nr. 52 - September 2002
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Paros Arts

Holland Tunnel Exhibition

On show at the Holland Tunnel in Paroikia (the summer extension of Holland Tunnel Gallery, New York) are works of four artists who live and work part of the year in Paros: modern-abstract paintings and collages by Paulien Lethen (New York), modern-abstract paintings and watercolours by Dutch artist Jan Mulder, computer-manipulated drawings by Jos Looise (also from the Netherlands) and sculptures by Bix Lye (New York).

Holland Tunnel is located in the alley behind the Pirate Bar and the Aghios Trianda Church (main shopping street of Paroikia). To make an appointment to view the art up until September 10th, or for further information, call 02840- 22700/22195.

Art Caf? Exhibition
An exhibition of underwater photography from the Punta Diving School is planned at the Art Caf? in Paroikia during the month of September. For further information call Xanthe at the Art Caf? on 02840-24389.

Astir of Paros Exhibition
Organised by Veta Michailidi and Natasha Lavda, the exhibition currently showing at the Venus Art Gallery at the Astir of Paros Hotel in Kolimbithres is running until 20th September and will be open daily between the hours of 8.00 and 10.30pm. Called "Oneira Stis Kyklades" (Dreaming in the Cyclades) the exhibition features the work of a number of Greek artists including sculptors Apostolos Giagiannos and Maria Mastori and painters Vassilis Karakatsanis, Charalambos Katsatsidis, Apostolos Lavdas and Angelos Panayiotidis.

For further information contact Veta Michailidi on 02840-51976 or 02840-51984.

Vassilis Papakonstantinou
by Lornie Caplan

It had been months since it rained and it must be a very long time since Paros saw a live performance by such a well known recording artist as Vassilis Papakonstantinou, but nevertheless the two events managed to coincide on the last Saturday in July.

I had gone to the Cultural office at the Dimos (DEPAP) to buy my tickets and was worried that I might have left it too late - the posters had already been up for a fortnight.

When I was handed ticket number 14 from a great wadge, I concluded that everyone was leaving it to the last minute to get theirs or would hope to buy them on the night. But it turned out that no more than 500 had ventured out to see this rock icon - we occupied only one side of the football field and there was still room to sit on the terraces.

In contrast I saw Dalaras, that other great songster, on TV performing to a crowd of tens of thousands and with disbelief noticed that he was miming the words.

A cynical local customer of mine had predicted that Papakonstantinou would be past his best and the performance poor as he has been a star since the 70's. I may only know the words to one or two of his songs, but as my ex used to play his music at top volume every Saturday night, I feel qualified to say that he sounded on top form to me.

We shouted out requests and his fan club chanted in between the songs. There was some light banter with a heckler and he told some anecdotes including one about four British people on a stool that I had to get explained to me! Then two of the musicians in his group took over for a short interval, including a talented female vocalist with the same surname who I am unreliably told is his niece.

The special effects were thankfully limited to puffs of fog and a large round screen at the back of the stage where a close-up of the man himself enhanced the atmosphere.

When the black clouds that had been threatening since late afternoon finally decided to let us have it, it gave me a good excuse to move down to the pitch with the more energetic members of the audience who had earlier been waving flares about as part of their enjoyment. "Is it raining?", he asked us as roadies rushed about covering everything up with plastic sheeting. "No", we hollered back, already soaked! The finale was of course "Hellas" and its oomph gave a great climax to what was for me a magical evening. I looked at my watch as we filed out in the rain and was surprised to see that it was already after midnight - he had entertained us for nearly three hours.
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