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  Nr. 52 - September 2002
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What’s on in September

Schedule of events - September 2002
For events marked (#), contact Irini Kyriazanou or Marina Stergiou of DEPA at Paros Town Hall (tel 02840-22860) for further info.

For IWOP (the International Women's Organization of Paros) contact Silvia (02840-22983), Elsa (02840-23138), Jean (02840-23809) or Carla (02840-24607).

For the Music Dance Group of Naoussa contact tel 02840-52284, email
parofolk@otenet.gr and the
Group of Naoussa
tel 02840-51007.

1st Sep - 10am onwards - 4th IWOP Benefit Event - Flea Market at Kolimbithres (tel 02840-52754 for directions).

1st Sep - 8pm - performance of traditional dancing in Zoodochou Pigis Square, Paroikia by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa and the Dance Group of Pevkes, Thessaloniki.#

2nd Sep - 8pm - performance of traditional dancing in Marpissa by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa and the Dance Group of Pevkes, Thessaloniki.#

6th Sep - performance of the play by Papadiamandi "H Fonissa" by the "Movement & Health Association" at the Nireas Cultural Centre, Naoussa.#

7th Sep - 9.30pm - Festival of the Holy Virgin "Panigyri Pera Panagias" celebrated at the Gymnasio in Marmara, with mezedes & wine and participation of the Music Dance Group of Naoussa and the Municipal Dance Group. #

7th Sep - Festival at the church of the Holy Mary Phaneromeni on Antiparos. Only accessible by boat. For further info call: 02840-61580.

8th Sep - 8pm - Revival of the traditional fishing custom of "Pezotratas" (trawling) in Zoodochou Pigis Square, Paroikia. Traditional dancing by the Municipal Dance Group with fresh fish and Parian wine. #

8th Sep - 9pm - performance by the Music Dance Group of Naoussa in the courtyard of the Panaghia Church, Naoussa.

11th Sep - 3pm - IWOP meeting at Symposium Cafe in Paroikia. Topic: Halloween Party planning. Volunteers needed for selling raffle tickets, decorating, collecting gifts and organizing party.

13th Sep - Celebration of Agios Stavros (Holy Cross) in Angeria and Aliki begins in the evening with a festival in Aliki with traditional music and dancing, continuing on the 14th at the church of Aghios Giorgos in Angeria.#

14th Sep - 8.30pm - performance by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa with participation of the Smyrna Dance Group in the courtyard of the Panaghia Church, Naoussa.

15th Sep - 8.30pm - performance by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa and the Smyrna Dance Group in Zoodochou Pigis Square, Paroikia.

16th Sep -11am - Havana Cocktail Bar-Cafe opening (after the 16th they will open every day between 10am & 5pm) hosted by Obdulia and offering a "degustation" of fine pastries.

18th Sep - 3pm - IWOP meeting at office of Chrysavgi Kanellopoulou,
above Art Cafe, Paroikia. Topic: Theseus Drug Prevention Programme.

21st Sep - 7pm - Lefkes Kindergarten performance of children's fairy stories in the courtyard of the Municipal Library, Paroikia.#

24th Sep - Myrtidiotissa (Virgin of the Myrtle). Festival held at Aghios Antonios on Kefalos Hill near Marpissa.

25th Sep - 10am - IWOP social meeting - coffee and cakes at Elsa's house in Paroikia. Discussion on forming a "reading circle" as a regular winter activity.

26th Sep - the anniversary of the sinking of the Express Samina
will be marked by a "Mnimosino" Mass at the Ekatontapiliani.

26th Sep - Panigyri for the Chapel of St. John the Theologian in Drios. The celebration is in the early morning, roads are strewn with olive branches and the priest leads a liturgy and procession round the village.

Throughout September:

Yoga classes by Oona Giesen in Aliki. Call 02840-92042 or email: oona@parosweb.com.

Catholic Mass - there is no schedule for Mass in September at the present time, as Father Manolis Remondos from Naxos in currently in hospital in Athens. If resumed, services will be at 6pm at Aghios Georgios in Naoussa and at 7pm at Ag. Antonios (Franco Monastery) in Paroikia. Tel: 02850-22470, 23492, 22292.

Sailing & swimming lessons for kids - organized by NOP (Navtikos Omilos Parou) 44E per month. Sailing lessons on Optimist and Laser for children from 7 years and up, 3-4 lessons per week of 2-3hrs in Livadia, Paroikia. Info: Theodoros Karageorgos 02840-92018, 093-7776534. Swimming lessons for children from 4 1/2 years and up, between 3-6 lessons per week. Info: Xenofon Flokos 02840-23159, 22501, 0944-455145. Teachers speak English & Greek.

Live Music - the first two Sundays in Sept from 4.30pm there
is live Rock, Latin and Reggae music at Magaya
Beach Taverna and Music Bar
on Delfini Beach (02840-23791). See
ad on page 6.

Live Classical Music every evening and Greek Music at weekends
at the Pebbles Pianobar in Paroikia. Info: 02840-22283 and see ad page 6.

Octopus Sea Trips offer nature appreciation tours exploring rock-pools,
beachcombing, seabed exploration and snorkelling, art workshops, beach
and sea games for families and children. Aegean Diving College offer
daily sea excursions and scuba-diving, marine ecology and biology
courses, underwater photography and maritime archaeology. Info at
Octopus Sea Trips, Golden Beach or call 02840-43347, 093-2757123 or
see www.octopuseatrips.com,
email: octopuseatrips@aegeandive.gr.

Olive Oil Workshops (in German) every Sun, Mon, Weds & Fri from 10am-1pm at Inge Hassinger's home in Naoussa. Cost 34.50E. Info: 02840-52412.

Mykonos Cultural Centre - programme of concerts, performances and exhibitions available on 02890-27190.

	Sunrise	Sunset

6 Sep 0654 1941
13 Sep 0700 1931
20 Sep 0705 1920
27 Sep 0711 1909

New Moon 7 Sep
1st Qtr 13 Sep
Full Moon 21 Sep
Last Qtr 29 Sep

and in October:

2nd Oct - 3pm - IWOP meeting at Jean Polyzoides' house in Krios. Topic: All you need to know about email, the Internet and using a PC - questions and answers, talk and demonstration by Len Rooks.

13th Oct - Municipal Elections.

31st Oct - 5th IWOP Benefit Event Halloween Party. Don't forget the Paros Halloween Party on 31st October. Volunteer to help (see "What's On" 11th Sept) and plan your autumn/winter visit to Paros to attend the party if you can and support an important local cause!
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