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  Nr. 53 - October 2002
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Tarot-Astro Column

by Liz Westerhof, October 2002
The Suit of Cups

The cups represent the emotional aspect of our daily lives. It is the element of water and signifies the water signs of the Zodiac - Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

When a majority of cups appear in a reading, the spread will relate to the querent's emotional life and state. It can mean that it will relate to their love life - physical or romantic. But be aware - the word "love" demands qualification if it is to be correctly and accurately interpreted. The word "emotion" also has no single well-defined interpretation as it does not relate to one single clear state. Love is certainly an emotion, but its not the only one - although it is the most attractive of which the human race is capable. Rage is an emotion, as are terror, hatred, anxiety and pity.

One of the most important things to realize when dealing with this suit is that it is basically ambivalent in nature. It does not relate to facts which are tangible and material, but to feelings, which are not. And when you are dealing with the emotions of others, you are walking on dangerous and shaky ground. Any spread with a majority of the suit of cups must be examined with the greatest care. It is wise to also pay attention to the other cards - or second majority - to "ground" the reading on some factual base.

I wish you a good October. Liz

As always reactions, questions, remarks are very welcome. You can reach me and, if you are interested, arrange for a reading, at tel: 02840-53457 in Paros, mobile 0946-204299, tel/fax 0031-255-517827 in Holland, or email elisabethwesterh@hotmail.com.
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