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Olympic Games Volunteer Programme

In the summer of 2004, the Olympic Games are returning to Greece, their country of origin, providing a unique chance for those of us living in Greece to be involved in the international celebrations.

Sixty thousand volunteers will be trained to work at the Games. Approximately 45,000 volunteers will be needed to ensure the smooth operation of the Olympic Games from 13-29 August 2004 and another 15,000 volunteers for the Paralympic Games which will follow from 17-28 September 2004. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to apply as a volunteer. There are no restrictions based on sex, race, creed, physical ability, social standing or education. The only qualification is that the applicants must be 18 years old by 2004.

The typical length of volunteer involvement in the Olympic and Paralympic Games is 5-10 days. Volunteers are needed for assisting athletes, ensuring safety and security of premises, public relations, transportation, utilities (electrical), international liaison for visitors, translations, management and administrative support services, public information, communications, medical support, press and media, environmental concerns, information technology, ceremonies, telecommunications, tourism and hospitality.

In order to facilitate the work of volunteers during the Games, the Organising Committee offers to each volunteer: the Athens 2004 volunteer uniform and any equipment required for the work they will be assigned to do, meals during service, insurance during service and transportation to and from all service locations. In addition, all volunteers will be prepared with proper training for their assignment which will enrich their knowledge in their area of involvement during the Games as well as giving them the opportunity to learn more about Olympism and volunteering. Volunteers will also be provided with first-aid training.

Application forms to participate in the Volunteer Programme are available on the official website www.athens.olympic.org or by request (toll-free in Greece) from tel: 0800-11-20041 between 09:00 - 18:00 (from abroad call +301-2004000) or by email from volunteers@athens2004.com.

Once the application form has been processed, volunteers will be invited to an initial meeting. Interviews are scheduled to begin in 2002 and will be ongoing until 2004.

Let the Games begin!
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