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  Nr. 54 - November 2002
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Centre for People with Special Needs/Abilities

by Silvia Lubitz-Skaramagkas, November 2002
The official opening and consecration of the AMEAI Centre in Naoussa was held on 28th September 2002. This date was also chosen to commemorate the loss of the Samina Express with a moment of silence during the ceremonies.

Members of IWOP had the honour of being invited to join this important event.
The holy ceremony was conducted by the priests Petros Kortianos and Georgos Triantafyllos and was followed by a guided tour through the building. We were shown around the library, gymnastic hall, doctor's office and therapy room, all beautifully equipped with modern technology - air-conditioning, computers and a telephone switchboard.

The last part of the celebration was held at the Nireas Cultural Centre, where the president of AMEAI, Frangiskos Kounanis, thanked Mayor Konstantinos Argouzis for his support in creating the centre as well as everyone else involved in this project, which included: the Eparchos, Dr Nikos Arkoulis, the Nomarchiki Symvouli (Counsellors of the Prefecture) Chrissanthos Bafitis, Vasilis Lianopoulos and Jannis Maounis, the Dimotiki Symvouli (Municipal Counsellors) Vasilis Ventouris, Dr Antonis Arkas, Georgos Poulios, Nikos Kritikos, Dimitris Kavalis and Georgos Loukis, the President of DEPA (the Municipal cultural office) Efthansia Anoussakis, the Manager of DEPA Nikos Papaevstasiou, candidate for the Nomarchia, Katerina Giavassis, Mayoral candidate Nikos Frangoulis and the newly elected Mayor Ioannis Ragoussis as well as many other Parian inhabitants.

Suddenly I heard "Our thanks also go to the International Women's Organization of Paros", and I was asked to accept a scroll of honour on behalf of our group, thanking us and encouraging us at the same time to continue to support AMEAI as we have tried to do since we first learned about this valuable project. Though we may believe that our contribution is small, if each one of us gives what we can, the result will be significant.

The AMEAI committee members are: President Frangiskos Kounanis, Vice-President Markos Koveos, Secretary John Alsamaeel, Chara Xagorari, Jannis Tripolitsioti, Zambia Tsigonia, Vasso Chasouri, Nectaria Vioni and Nikoletta Roussou.

Voluntary services are offered by cardiologists Dr Jannis Ragoussis and Kostas Livanidis, dentist Dr Betty Soboni, surgeon Dr Jannis Tsigonias, ophthalmologist Dr John Alsamaeel, physiotherapists Markos Koveos and Pepi Chaniotis, psychologist Maria Kostaki, logotherapist Evi Nikolouzou, social worker Stefania Kortianou, and lawyer Kostas Fiflis.

Mr Dimitris Triodas announced that the Ministry of Education has approved the opening of a school programme for people with special needs, which is starting immediately. There is still a need for more voluntary help, so even if you do not have a special skill to offer, please give a little of your time to assist the centre in this important work for our community.

Further information is available between 10.00-12.00 on 22840-28560 and 097-2337582.
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