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  Nr. 72 - July 2004
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Concettina’s Mosaic Workshop

The most fascinating of all tools are our hands.

For thousands of years men have created mosaics for decorative, expressive and practical reasons. The earliest mosaics come from Asia Minor and the Chinese Gardens.

The ancient Greeks first used pebble mosaics for floors. They had simple tools, no technology and limited materials, but inventive minds can not be stopped! Living in expanding and prosperous cities, the early Greeks were a sophisticated people with a highly developed aesthetic sense who wanted to surround themselves with beautiful things. Later the Romans adopted this handicraft from the Greeks and developed it further using mini-tiles from stone and glass. Classic motifs still live on in modern mosaics, but through the years the variety of colours, materials and styles used has expanded. Many different cultures all over the world - from Mexico to the Far East - practiced the art of mosaics, so the sources for inspiration are vast.

At the beginning of the 20th century mosaics attracted new interest through famous architects like Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona and artists like Gustav Klimt, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Louis Tiffany. They were representatives of "Art nouveau", an artistic movement that ventured to get away from straight lines and the right-angled forms of manufactured objects using natural lines and organic shapes.

Mosaic is the art of joining pieces together to form a whole picture or pattern. The fascination of the classic art of mosaics is due to the immense variety of possibilities it offers through the interesting kaleidoscopic interplay between colours, shapes and surfaces that results from the use of different materials (inexpensive and simple, like stone, to expensive and luxurious, like gold). Each mosaic is unique and reflects the fantasy of its creator, has its own style and character.

Austrian mosaic artist Concettina Slemr was born 1976 in Vienna where she worked as a kindergarden teacher. Always creative and interested in crafts, she moved in 1999 to Paros (where she'd spent every summer since 1995) and discovered her passion for mosaics. She takes commissions and sells her own creations as well as holding courses for students at the HISA study abroad programme and giving workshops at several schools in Vienna.

This summer she is offering a 2-day open-air course (which can be extended as desired) on Paros; July to September on any two days between Monday and Friday, 11.30am to 3pm, so that anybody who is interested can arrange to join the workshop, taking advantage of the flexibility of days and hours. It is conducted on the beautiful beach of Parasporos next to Makis Beachbar & Taverna.

The workshop given in this lovely environment will allow you to relax, become creative and let your fantasy flow. The view alone will inspire you. Let your mind and spirit become free while creating your own handmade piece of art to take home with you! You make it - you take it!

The course will be held in English and German! Be careful - it can be addictive!!!

Everybody is welcome! All ages including children (10 and up); whole families are very welcome and enjoy a special discount. Due to limited space (max. 6 people per day) it's advised to book in advance!

For more information call Tina (between 10am and 7pm) on +306938 674036 or see www.concettina.com.
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