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IWOP Meetings - November

by Elsa Sarri, December 2002
The IWOP meeting on 13th November with Gesine Erler on Antiparos was luckily accompanied by nice sunny weather. Gesine met eight of us from IWOP at the port of Antiparos and took us first to her studio to show us her beautiful photography, in particular a series of seven pictures of the seven energy centres of the body. She explained that each centre has its own colour and corresponds with certain stones. Each centre has to be in balance with the others in order to function and to have a feeling of well-being. She also makes jewellery with stones to match the balancing of energies.

After her explanation, she took us to a beach nearby and we did some relaxation exercises, starting from the feet and finishing at the head. I myself am not a very perceptive person for meditation exercises but I think we all enjoyed Gesine's way of showing how to go back to the resources we have within ourselves by spending time in a natural environment and opening up to the strength you can get just from spending time by the sea, in the sun and with a gentle wind blowing. I really enjoyed this trip to Antiparos and meeting Gesine who gave us such a friendly welcome to our "other" island.

On November 20th we visited the Spira Pottery Workshop in Krios, the studio of Marousso Maouni, who showed us her work in clay. She makes her own glaze and is very inventive, experimenting with colour and technique to create ceramics that are both useful and decorative and favours natural colours, like those used in ancient times. Marousso showed us some slides showing work of other artists and exhibitions to demonstrate the art of ceramics. A visit to her studio is surely worthwhile to see the beautiful work of this very talented woman from Paros.

Our last meeting in November was on the 27th in Aliki where Joy White gave an informative and useful demonstration on making Christmas decorations.

Each of these events prove yet again how many talented people there are on Paros and how worthwhile it is to have the chance to meet them and learn from their expertise. Many thanks to Gesine, Marousso and Joy for sharing their time and skills with us.

For IWOP activities and events this month, see the What's On section in this issue. For further info on IWOP call: Silvia (22840-22983), Elsa (22840-23138) Jean (22840-23809), Carla (22840-24607) or Joy (093-8704256).
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