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  Nr. 56 - February 2003
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Owl's Avenue

Are you looking for something to do this month? Well, here's a little project to keep you busy... everyone knows where No. 2 Owl's Avenue is (don't they?), but where is No. 1 Owl's Avenue? The most comprehensively correct answer wins a free subscription. And - no - Sid Siddons - I'm afraid you can't enter, since it was your idea!!

Chess Competition

The Archilochos Club are running a chess competition from the end of November until 16th March. Further information from Charis Argyros at 22840-22486 or 22840-24810.

UK Auto Insurance

Anyone with a UK registered vehicle needing a green card for European motor cover for a year (most insurance brokers in the UK only provide up to 3 months cover) can contact Stuart Collins & Co (Tenor Insurance Ltd) on +44-1792-655562, fax: +44-1792-651126, email: stuart@collinsinsurance.demon.co.uk, www.stuartcollins.com.

Kaloriziko !

A number of moves have taken place over the last couple of months. Lornie's Beachcomber Gallery has moved to Market Street, next door to Erica's Minimarket. Costas & Angela's Computer House has moved from the Peripheriako to new premises just behind the Port Police, and Manolis and Anna of Scopas Real Estate have relocated from their old office near Ghikas Corner to above Rengas Taverna (previously The Lobster House). We wish them all "kaloriziko" in their new premises.

Airport News

Menegos Mavris, Chief of Civil Aviation Paros, will give us the latest news about the addition of extra flights and the results of the bidding for these routes next month. He also told us that plans are progressing for the new airport, but in the meantime improvements are still needed for the existing one. The runway will have new tarmac laid and it will be extended by 100m. Further information from Mr Mavris on 22840-91256.

Artists' Rendezvous

Twenty-seven people were in attendance at the most recent Artists' Rendezvous held at the Art Caf?. Twenty-five people agreed to be the founding members of an association (syllogos) and a lawyer will be invited to the next meeting on 20th February (see "What's On" for details) to take the first steps towards making this a legal entity.

The future association will be open to all expressions of art - to musicians, poets, film producers, actors, etc - with a central philosophy that in today's world all artists are called upon to work together to preserve the continuity of the expression of art as mankind's highest form of communication, irrespective of nationality, race or religion.

Paros Didrachm

This beautiful coin is a Parian didrachm from the 5th-century BC, when Paros was rich owing to the demand from sculptors for her lucent marble. The tragos (billy goat) is the emblem of Paros, from which the village Dragoulas (Prodromos) takes its name. The coin is for sale on E-Bay for around $1,500.

Thanks to Jeffrey Carson for spotting it.
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