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  Nr. 56 - February 2003
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Well Done DEH (and our local electrician)

by Kay Siddons, February 2003
In the dim early light of a Sunday morning in January, the heavens opened and it poured with rain. I remember noticing 'lightening' but no thunder and remember thinking that the 'lightening' had a yellowy tinge. During the flashes of 'lightening', the power to the computer where I was working was coming and going, threatening total shut down.

Consequently, I switched off the computer in anticipation of the inevitable post-storm power cut. How wrong I was!

OK, we were without power. However, after a couple of hours and after investigating further, we discovered that it was only our house that didn't have any power. My super-skilled husband checked the fuse in the panel in the house and also the box outside which has the clock. Everything seemed to be in order. So, what to do? What else?! Take out a copy of The Foreigner (sorry, Paros Life) and look up the number of the DEH faults.

The system is superb. Even with my limited Greek, I understood the clear and simple recorded message, which also provided a mobile telephone number (of the person on call for emergencies).

Taking into account my limited ability, I finally plucked up the courage to make the call. After a very pleasant conversation (far easier than anticipated), the assessment was that as only our house was affected, we needed an electrician to deal with a suspected problem within.

So we then found Antonis from Marmara, who came to the house within half an hour, did all the tests my husband had done and said that it was a problem with the main electrical supply. He then called the mobile number we had taken from the recorded message, explained that there was a problem with the supply and asked them to fix it the same day, which they did. We even managed to make Sunday lunch with our friends, knowing we were going to come back to a warm home with lights and the use of the computer, enabling me to write this article. And the moral of this story? If ever you see yellowy 'lightening', be aware that it might be a fault in an electrical cable at the top of a pole near to your house and most importantly, don't be afraid to call for help from DEH or your local electrician.
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