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  Nr. 56 - February 2003
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Your OTE Telephone Bill

We have received a few requests since the new format was introduced last year, asking for us to publish again how to read your OTE telephone bill.

The OTE bill is issued every two months and is payable either at the OTE office of issue or at any bank, post office or OPAP (lotto) office that has an agreement with OTE. After the expiry date, the bill can only be paid at the OTE office and you may be liable to pay interest and to have the line temporarily disconnected. You can also arrange with your bank to make automatic payment deductions from your account if you want to avoid standing in a queue.

The bill always has at least two pages - the first page lists the basic details of your account and the second page is a breakdown of the different charges on the account. Only the first page is required when paying the bill.

Bills may also include a list of itemized calls (analytikos logariasmos). This service (a breakdown of all calls - except local calls of less than 0.0733 euro - by number, date, time, duration, units and cost) is available from OTE on request.

Please also note that in accordance with law 2120/93, your phone bill is required to show your AFM (tax number). This should appear on page 1 of your bill beneath your address. If it does not, or is incorrect, OTE need to be informed in order to correct it.

Page 1

1. Account number. This number stays the same for as long as your subscription is active and even if you move your connection.
2. OTE serial number (used for tax purposes) and date of issue of bill.
3. Your telephone number.
4. Billing address (this can be different from the location of the connection if required).
5. Period covered by bill (from ... to).
6. Total amount payable, including VAT.
7. Expiry date of bill and dates of the next two bills due.
8. The means of payment you have chosen (for example direct debit from bank account).
9. Information about products and services available from OTE, special offers and information about your account.
10. Summary of charges grouped by category as follows:
- Amount owing (if any) from previous bill.
- Charges for services in current period.
- Rebates or discounts (where applicable).
- V.A.T. (FPA).
11. Coupon for payment at post office.

Page 2

1. All charges on your bill broken down into categories A, B, G and D.
2. Itemized charges from each of the services on your bill.
3. Details of your connection (number, type of connection - digital or analog, address).
4. If you have an ISDN or digital connection, this section gives a breakdown of calls grouped by local (astikes), long-distance (yperastikes), international (diethneis) and mobile (pros kinita). A complete analysis of each of the calls in these categories appears on the analysis statement (if you have requested this service).
5. One-time direct charges (efapax) or subscription charges (periodika teli) such as basic monthly connection charge, monthly otenet subscription, cost of telephone catalogue or any new connection charges.
6. One-time indirect charges such as telegrams, operator-connected calls, charge-card (1502) calls.
7. Any other charges such as rounding up or down against previous bill, charges for new telecommunications equipment.
8. Any applicable rebates or discounts.
9. This column shows the percentage of V.A.T. payable on each charge.
10. Total VAT payable.
11. Total amount payable including VAT and date by which it must be paid.

For further information, you can call OTE on 134 (free of charge) or visit their website www.oteshop.gr.

NOTE for online readers: You need the printed version of Paros Life to see where each of these items appear on the telephone bill.
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