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Paronaxia Arts: “Katharsis”

Gisèle A. Lubsen
Photography Exhibition
Apothiki Art Center, Paroikia, PAROS
20 July-16 August
Opening Reception: Saturday, 20 July at 9pm
Opening Hours: Daily 12-2pm & 7.30-11pm

The Apothiki Art Center in Paroikia opened its doors in May 2003 and has welcomed more than 400 artists from 27 countries for exhibitions, concerts, performances, residencies and conferences. This year, we are proud to announce that we will celebrate our tenth season with the exhibition 'Katharsis' with the new work of Gisèle A. Lubsen.

Against a background of profound change and turmoil in today's Greece, catharsis, as used by Aristotle, has a specific meaning. In his work ‘Poetics’, this describe the effects of tragedy on the spectator, refering to the purification and purgation of emotions, primarily pity and fear, which results in renewal and a return to peace.

Gisèle Lubsen, a Dutch-born photographer specializing in underwater conceptual photography, is well known by many Paros art lovers, from previous exhibitions on the island, including ‘Watermark’, which debuted at the Apothiki in 2008. Gisèle produces iconic images illustrating the ambiguous zone between life and non-life. By deconstructing this theme underwater, Gisèle is able to capture and expand her subject, humanize it, and create an ethereal and surreal new world in which to engage it. While considering the subject in this new context, the viewer is able to experience a mythical power through the lens of human vulnerability, a fluidity devoid of time, a movement frozen in time. In ‘Katharsis’, Gisèle frames her work on a distressed Greece and her current turbulent environment by paralleling her kathartic rebirth with ancient Greek myths. The subject highlighted here is that of a forced labour representing a resistance to exile and a desire to reform through rebellion. Specializing in the archetypes of female myths, stories, and fairytales, Gisèle breaks new ground in her work by exhibiting for the first time her series of male representations. This new work brings an elegantly brutal power to her images and lays bare a formidable history.

Truly a global citizen, Gisele’s work has been exhibited in France, the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Greece. She lives and works in Santa Monica, California, where she runs her company G.A.L Photography, but spends considerable time every year on Paros.

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