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Animal Talk: NAWS News

by Ronit Gabai
SOS !!! We need volunteers willing to help us attend to the emergency calls we get from around the island; one person cannot handle it all. Please send us a message if you can help us with your phone number and the area you can cover. It is crucial for us that you help us save more lives ! Our volunteers now have full time jobs during summer and we're left with just a few helping hands. We also fewer daily feeders for our shelter. If you can spare 2-3 hrs a week for our dogs PLEASE HELP US!! It is a very easy task; you can have a friend join you and make it a fun outing day. Our dogs need you! Make a difference and help us. And if you are travelling to Germany and would like to be a flight partner to one of our dogs or cats, please let us know! Call 695-613-3929 or email naxos_aws@ymail.com

The Situation: NAWS is working now beyond their capabilities; since December 2012 we’ve had a 250% increase in the number of dogs we are caring for. The shelter population grew from 15 to almost 30 dogs, obliging us to make expansions. Handmade expansions to the shelter that our volunteers built a few years back could only host up to 10 dogs. We also have 8-10 dogs in temporary foster homes. This is too much for us to handle. As long as the economy keeps on this course and the public continues to make bad choices, there will be unwanted newborns and abandoned adult dogs that are no longer useful to their owners.

We desperately need foster homes. Any amount of time a dog spends away from the shelter gives it more possibilities to be adopted. Fostering helps to develop social skills and introduces the animal to different daily situations, in homes, with street and car noises, and toilet training.

Sterilization Campaign 2013: We keep on with our sterilization campaign as it is the only humane and effective way to keep a healthy population. If you would like to sterilize any strays you are taking care of, we will cover most of the cost and require only a nominal contribution from you. For more info: ronit-naws@hotmail.com


Avi, a pound male, was found outside Chora and was only skin and bones and covered in ticks. He was taken to the vet, tested for Leishmania and Ehrlichia (both negative), neutered and brought to the NAWS shelter. He is very sociable with dogs and humans although it is obvious he didn't have a good life so far. We are doing our best to help him gain weight and prepare him for a family. Avi has been in the shelter for over a year.

Chaplin is one of the three pointers that were abandoned at our shelter by irresponsible hunters.
He was no doubt mistreated because of his submissive attitude.
He is castrated, vaccinated and has tested negative to Leishmania.
He is the oldest resident at the shelter as he’s been there for two years now.
He deserves his chance to live a normal life.

Malou Here, speaking for herself, is Malou: “I love posing in front of a camera! I’m told that good photos will help me to quickly find a home and a family, which will adore me. That's why I try to look my best! My smile hides my pain of being abandoned due to my unwanted pregnancy, and the abuse and hunger that I have experienced. But it also shows my gratitude to the volunteers who rescued me and my optimism that one day a loving home will be found for me.”

Molly was thrown from a height of several meters into a fenced-in area with some of our other animals! Fortunately, she was not injured or attacked, but she is scared. She is a small, 1-2 year-old pointer mix. She is looking for ways to escape, to return home, as she cannot understand that they do not want her any more and abandoned her in this way. This time, however, we will find someone who will love her forever and make her a part of their life.

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