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Animal Talk: PAWS News

by Lena Yacoumopoulou
PAWS BAZAARS: Two events were organized during the Easter week to raise funds for Paros strays – on 4 May at Konstantza Café in Naoussa and 7 May at Café Idea in Paroikia, and in June at the Aqua Marine Café in Alyki. Many thanks to each of these venues for hosting us and to everyone who was kind enough to offer their services and products for the bazaar.

DOG SHELTER: Unfortunately there are still no developments in the search for land for the municipal animal shelter required by Greek Law 4039. We continue to manage our small dog shelter in Tripiti, funded by our loyal members, donors, residents and visitors. With a capacity of only 35 dogs, it is extremely overcrowded. Mel, our energetic and capable manager, is currently handling 50 abandoned dogs. We welcome volunteers to foster, walk the dogs, drive them to the vet and/or the port for transfers and other errands such as cleaning up and handywork. Call Mel for more info and to make an appointment: 697-487-0866. To get to the shelter, coming from Paroikia, take the main road past Alyki and Farangas and about 200m past the horseshoe bend turn left onto the dirt road at the blue stone marked  ‘Tripiti’. From Drios, go past the Glyfa and Tripiti beach signs and turn right up the hill at the second mirror. The shelter is about 800 metres straight up.

CAT NEUTERING: Please help reduce the stray cat population by identifying females in your neighbourhood for neutering. If necessary we can lend you cages and traps for wild cats. We organise weekly neuterings at vet Andonis Lambrou in Paroikia at very reasonable rates. Call us for an appointment on 695-185-1575.

ABANDONED KITTENS: Visitors, please do not take in kittens to your hotel or rented room and then call us to find them homes when you leave. We have a very limited number of homes to adopt them, so it’s better to care for them in an outside area with other cats where there is accessible food and try and find neighbours who will continue to look after them when you leave. We do not have a cat shelter and cannot take in kittens until we find them a foster home. If you find a sick cat, you can help by taking it to the vet. It is also really useful if you can help us to neuter a cat or two while you are here. Call us for more info.


a) VISIT OUR SHOP: on Market Street between Micro Café and Franca Scala Restaurant in Paroikia. We are always looking for volunteers to assist at the shop and welcome Jane who is back to help for three weeks. Please call 695-185-1575 if you can do 1 or 2 shifts a week. Our new summer T-shirts are in, we have plenty of pet accessories, clothes, books, jewellery, and other items for the home at low prices. Please visit and help the strays.

b) LEAVE A DONATION IN OUR COLLECTION BOXES: You will find them in animal-friendly shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, pharmacies and at the airport.

c) BECOME A MEMBER: our annual dues are 30€.

d) ADOPT A STRAY: tTke a stray dog or cat home with you. For travel outside Greece the vet can help you prepare the papers and vaccines.

e) VOLUNTEER: at our dog shelter, fundraising events, to feed communities of cats in the winter, help with the neutering programme, transport sick/injured strays to the vet and on the ferry for rehoming, foster a dog or a cat.

f) FLYING BACK AND WILLING TO ESCORT A DOG OR CAT? We are always looking for travelers especially to Munich, Germany. Our volunteers will load and offload the pets and help you with check-in. Call 697-506-0927.

GREEK LAW 4039: The new Greek law 4039 of 2012 protects the welfare of companion animals. You can report any animal abuse to the police or port police directly. Fines start at 100€ and go up to 30,000€ for poisoning, abuse, keeping animals without food, water or shelter. It is no longer necessary to pay the ‘protocol fee’ of 100€ to file a case for animal abuse.

IN YOUR NEXT WATER BILL: The municipality, together with PAWS and Filozoi Ethelontes Parou (Paros Friends of Animals Volunteers) have issued a leaflet (in Greek) outlining the main points of the new law 4039 on animal welfare. Briefly, animals must have proper food, clean water, shelter from the weather, regular check-ups at the vet and vaccinations; dogs cannot be tied up permanently, and people who do not want litters must neuter their dogs and cats. Copies can be found at the PAWS shop.

(Private) Andonis Lambrou, ring road Paroikia, next to gas station same side as Carrefour/Marinopoulos: 22840-23301, 694-636-2188. Speaks English. Open Mon-Sat 9am-2pm & Mon-Fri 6-8.30pm.
Agricultural Vet: Nikos Tsigonias 22840-21228. Speaks Greek.

Mon-Thu 11am-2pm, Fri-Sun 7-11 pm. Clothes, books, pet accessories, PAWS T-shirts, PAWS calendars & bric-a-brac for the home. Tel: 695-185-1575.

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