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Editor's Note

by Vicki Preston
I don’t really know where to start. Just in case you haven’t already heard, after 15 years of continuous publication, this is to be the final issue of Paros Life & Naxos Life. I will continue to update the online ‘what’s on’ listing at least for this summer and don’t have any plans to close the facebook group which will remain open so members can easily continue to share information. But I do expect to substantially reduce my involvement in the group, so if it is to remain vital and relevant to the community, useful postings by all the members will become more important.

Little did we know in January of 1998 when Karen & Bob Barratt and I set out to print a simple little four-page newsletter, what a major endeavour our small project would eventually become. So very many people have been involved over the years since then, contributing ideas, articles and information, supporting us with advertising and sponsorship, providing moral support at critical moments. I sincerely thank every single one of you who have generously given of your time and talents. The magazine has in many ways shaped the international community and certainly changed perceptions, evolving hand-in-hand with the community itself. It’s hard to imagine how things would have been without it for the past 15 years.

Publishing Paros Life was never without its challenges, there were constantly obstacles to overcome, but the support and appreciation from the community always made it worth the effort. In the early years, information about anything at all was exceedingly hard to come by; these days there is so much information, it’s physically impossible for one person to filter and process it all to condense it into a digestible form! But in the days when we started out there was no other means of effectively sharing information; Paros Life became the primary communications bridge between us as well as between the Greek and foreign communities. That is no longer the case today; social media and other widely-available technologies provide a platform for easily sharing data in text, photo and video format and the need for a single focal point to manage that data isn’t really essential any more, just a shared ‘space’ in which it can be located.

One final note: I still own all the intellectual property rights associated with Paros Life , but if anyone is interested in relieving me of that burden, by all means make me an offer I can’t refuse! And in the meantime, so long and thanks for all the fish.
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