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Therapeutic Herbs & Oils

by Markos Koveos, October 2002
Hyperikeleo (Spatholado)

Hyperikeleo is an oil used for relaxation, regeneration and cosmetic purposes, often achieving very effective results.

Because of its potential for regeneration, it typically can be used to help in healing cases such as cracked skin, skin rashes and bed sores. Cosmetically it is used as an anti-wrinkle agent and to rejuvenate tired and dry skin. The combination of its regenerating and calming capacity works as a fast and safe method in healing wounds.

Hyperikeleo is also an essential oil used in soothing muscle pain and is extremely potent when used as a massage oil on tired and aching bodies. It produces good results when used on swelling and bruises and is very valuable for athletes as it can be used to quickly warm the muscles. Rubbing with this oil can additionally protect the athlete from colds as it covers the pores of the skin which open during exercise.

Hyperikeleo also relieves chronic joint pain, fights cuperose (broken blood vessels), speeds up healing of sprains and bone fractures, and can be used after an evening bath to promote calm, relaxation and perfect sleep.


Rosemary (Dentrolivano in Greek, Rosmarinus Officialis in Latin) grows in many gardens on Paros as well as in the wild in the hills and fields.

It is an evergreen with aromatic small dark green spiky leaves and produces pale blue flowers during the winter when it flowers.

Rosemary contains a special type of acid, which can also be found in thyme, oregano and the leaves of wild olive trees, which has been shown to have potential to help in cases of melanomas and skin cancer. Cosmetically it is used in anti-wrinkle creams and in many shampoos as it stimulates the roots of the hair and protects against hair loss.

On Paros, and throughout the Cycladic islands, it is also used for tea and in cooking. It is particularly tasty when used with roast lamb, roast chicken, sauces for fish dishes, marinades and salad dressings.

For further information on the uses of Hyperikeleo and Rosemary, contact Physiotherapist Markos Koveos on 02840-22807, 52424 or 094-478 8531. See advertisement above.
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