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Books: Parian Chronicles

by Fionnuala Brennan & Charlotte Carlin

From four continents comes this collection of personal stories by foreign residents who came to live on Paros between the 1960s and the 1980s.

The idea for the book arose out of a conversation between Fionnuala Brennan and Charlotte Carlin about their early years on Paros. They decided that it would be a good idea to ask as many of the ‘old-timers’ as possible to write a story about their early days on the island. Out of more than sixty people contacted, sixteen agreed to write their stories.

Then came the tasks of compiling, proofing, learning about self-publishing, book layout and design. Fortunately, the two friends found very welcome assistance in some of these tasks. Peter Macken designed the front cover and Fionnuala’s daughter Orla and son-in-law Keith took on the layout and graphics.

All this collaboration and hard work was definitely worthwhile – the book has stories from contributors around the world who have told of their experiences, both good and not so good, in a very entertaining way, and there are descriptions of the ‘old’ Paros that you may find difficult to believe if you have only been on the island or visiting since the beginning of this new century.

The book was launched on 22 September at a well-attended reception at Damianos Taverna in Ambelas. Over a hundred people came to congratulate the compilers and contributors and enjoy a pleasant evening together with local wine and mezedes. Unfortunately, there were not enough books to sell to all who wished to buy one! But, see below... it’s easy to order one.

It was a lovely evening, and although some of the writers were unable to attend, it’s hoped that next year most or all of the writers will be able to get together and discuss the comments of friends and loved ones who have had the opportunity to read ‘our book.’

This is a non-profit-making venture and any royalties will go to charity. The book can be ordered on line at www.lulu.com
Simply type ‘Parian Chronicles Brennan’ in the search bar.
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