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  Nr. 149 - Spring (April/May/June) 2012
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Sports Events

Cyclades Football Championship

The latest league tables are available at www.mileikanea.gr/vathmologiaakykladon

At press time the rankings were as follows:

Rank - Team - Points

1 - AS Ano Mera - 32
2 - AO Ano Syros - 24
3 - AS Thyella - 24
4 - Panthiraikos - 19
5 - Nireas - 18
6 - AO Paros - 13
7 - AO Pagos - 13
8 - Pammiliakos - 9
9 - AMS Filotiou - 3

Paros Football Clubs

NIREAS: 697-3033739,
Facebook: Α.Μ.Ε.Σ. ΝΗΡΕΑΣ
AO PAROS: 697-7607171,
Facebook: A.O.Parou
MARPISSAIKOS: 22840-41210,

Naxos Football Clubs

PANNAXIAKOS: 22850-23170,
AMS FILOTIOU: 22850-31940, www.filotiaof.gr
AO KORONIDA: 697-7895937

Cyclades Cup 2012

Congratulations to the winners of the Cyclades Cup 2012, Panaxiakos of Naxos, who beat Ano Syros 3-0 in the finals held on Sunday 8 April at the Paroikia Municipal Stadium, Paros.

Video of the match is available at the Parianos Typos website www.parianostypos.gr and more photographs by Robert van der Most at the facebook page Paros Football.

Naxos Duathlon

The first Naxos Duathlon - running and cycling - held on 1 April 2012 was a big success. Congratulations to Christos Frantzis from Paros, winner in the men’s category, and Julie Hyde from Naxos, winner in the women’s category.

Full results and photographs of the event by Michele Witteveen are available at www.naxos-web.com and on Facebook at naxos-web.com

Antiparos Road Race

On 20 May 2012, the 1st 24.4km Antiparos Road Race for Health will take place starting at 8.30am at the Old Pier (Palio Molo) at Antiparos Port.

In addition to the main race, a shorter one, open to all, will take place in parallel starting at 9am.

The race is not limited to athletes; anyone wishing to participate just for the experience may also take part. All participants assume full and exclusive personal responsibility. Athletes under 18 may participate upon the signed approval and with the full responsibility of their parents or guardians.

The deadline for submission of participation forms is 13 May 2012. Forms can be downloaded from www.antiparosenplo.blogspot.com and sent to antiparosenplo@gmail.com or by fax to 22840-61774 or 22840-61503. Athletes from the Paros and Antiparos area may submit their forms up to the morning of the race (from 7-8am that day). Race numbers will be distributed at the starting line prior to the start of the race (from 7-8am).

For more information contact: Yiannis Pantelakis 697-487-0862 or Yiorgos Daniilidis 697-385-3790 or 22840-61012, email: antiparosenplo@gmail.com

Paros Active

The recently-formed Facebook group Paros Active is not only active in the virtual world, but also in the real one, organising regular hikes, runs, cycling, swimming and other forms of exercise and fitness.

Plans are now afoot to start a Naxos Active group to link to the Paros one, as a number of people have been crossing over between the two islands lately in order to attend events organised by their neighbours.

Further information: 22840-24674.
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