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  Nr. 149 - Spring (April/May/June) 2012
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CYA Summer Programmes on Paros

College Year in Athens will again be holding its acclaimed four-week Intensive Modern Greek course with two weeks in Athens followed by two weeks in Alyki, Paros from 25 June to 21 July this summer. Beginning and intermediate level language classes offer 60 hours of intensive instruction in speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and role-playing. These courses offer students accelerated learning in a relaxed atmosphere and are ideal programmes for those wishing to make rapid progress in their knowledge of the Greek language.

Also taking place during the same period on Paros is the Encountering Modern Greece: Service Learning and Anthropology course under the direction of Susan Sutton, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Indiana University. This course is a case study in how to understand another way of life, asserting that the Greek present is as interesting as the Greek past. It is also a field-based course that intertwines the anthropology of modern Greece and the principles of cross-cultural understanding with experiential and service learning. Composed in equal measure of classroom discussions, group field activities, and service learning projects, the course encourages students to meet the people of Paros and to engage contemporary Greece on its own terms. Students can expect to learn about the social and cultural dynamics of modern Greece, the classical revival in Western thought, the social context of archaeology, the complex connection between ancient and modern Greece, the history of travel and tourism, economic development and international relations in the Balkans, and a variety of other topics.

From 28 May to 23 June, the course Excavating in the Aegean: the Case of Despotiko, Paros is taking place under the direction of archaeologist Yannos Kourayos. This course offers the chance for students to participate in the current Despotiko excavations and learn basic methods of stratigraphical excavation, in-field documentation and architectural conservation as well as artefact cleaning and analysis.

During the year CYA conducts full year and semester university-level programmes in Athens. For detailed information and application instructions please visit www.cyathens.org or contact tel: 210-756-0749, fax: 210-756-1497, email: programs @ dikemes.edu.gr
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