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  Nr. 149 - Spring (April/May/June) 2012
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Drink in Entropy

Life on Paros, like everything in the universe, is constantly changing. This, of course, is entropy. Entropy, however, isn’t just a law of nature that governs the very universe – Entropy is also the catchy name of an innovative new bar in Paroikia, just off the seafront on Lower Market Street.

Its unique name and central location make it easy to find; its convivial atmosphere, delightful drink offerings and friendly proprietors make it hard to leave. Just the thing for a bar.
As quoted in Plato that you can’t step in the same river twice, neither can you drink the same drink twice, and when you want something new and different to quench your thirst for a good time, Entropy Bar may well be just the place.

This new bar is colourful in most every aspect, from the bright red décor, locally-produced artwork, its ‘Entropy – drinks & disorder’ signage, its food and drink offerings, clientele, and even its partners, who are a shaken-up-cocktail mixture of Greek, American and British. Entropy Bar, like the perfect cocktail, seems to have the right ingredients in the right proportions.

Alongside the usual suspects on their drink menu, you’ll find many off-beat characters in the line-up you’re likely not to have spied before. Whether you want to try one of their specialty basil-cucumber cocktails, sample Sex on the Beach, sip a Venetian Spritz or savour one of their house-infused vodkas flavoured with everything from citrus, herbs, coffee or bacon or any of their diverse shooter offerings, the Entropy staff is always ready to pour you something intoxicating.

Entropy’s eclectic selection of shooters offers something for everyone as it includes such titillating tipples as the Jägermeister-based Red-headed Slut to the Drunken Squid, with its Greek calamari garnish swimming in spicy peppered vodka, as well as many other creative concoctions such as the Apple Pie, the Mandarin Jellybean, the Brain Hemorrhage, the Cherry Cheesecake and even a Pineapple-Upside Down Cake.

The weekly Tequila Tuesdays are always well lubricated, they mix mean Margaritas and sumptuous Sangria, along with Coronas and Tequila shots, slammers and the interactive Upside-Down Margaritas, poured into the mouth while one leans backwards over the bar – as well as tasty Tex-Mex food – all at deeply discounted prices.

There’s a different shot special each day and Entropy’s stylish selection of shooters has been well-received as more than one customer has gone through the list of a dozen in a sitting.

“We’ve invented a lot of shooters over time and some people want to try all the different flavours, some, I guess, are just goal-oriented,” says partner Scott Stavrou “and some want the free drink they get once they finish the list.”

The bar is open year-round and popular with visitors and locals alike, some drawn by the tasty international food, the daily happy hour and shooter specials, the sports on large-screen TV, the darts or weekly pub quizzes, the good music and late-night dancing and others who just want to relax in a fun atmosphere and enjoy the entropic combination of ingredients that have made Entropy Bar such a welcome addition to the Paros scene.

Tel: 22840-27323

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