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  Nr. 146 - Summer (July/August/September) 2011
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Paronaxia Arts: The Cheiron Talk

On Paros, on 9 June at 11pm an impact occurred that might later be called the first steps of mankind into a new dimension. At the Franca Scala Restaurant in Paroikia 12 people witnessed an avatar walking in a 3-dimensional art world steered by nothing else than the human brain and body. No cables, no keyboard, no mouse, just the performer who came directly from London to Paros, to let an avatar present a new work in progress called ‘The Colliding’, created by Greek artist Liliana Papadopoulou, known in that world by her virtual name Navah Dreams.

Three hours earlier there was no sign that after the talk and the presentation there would be an avatar walking in a three dimensional world exactly the way the ‘performer’ did. As in all great magic ceremonies, the solution is a simple one: sensors track the performer´s movements and send the data to the 3-dimensional world to steer the avatar. The avatar is a graphical representation of a human being, using a camera made in a computer in order to move in a 3D-world that also exists within the computer.

So the idea of using avatars for art presentations was quite a logical step, for Reiner Schneeberger, known as First Prim in his 3D world. Reiner was looking for appropriate artworks to get the best picture for his presentation. For the Cheiron talk he selected some of Liliana’s works which had been shown in the International Paros Art Circle exhibition ‘European Passages’ which took place last summer at the Apothiki Art Center. He presented this work using an avatar called Art Blue who walking around in the 3D globes created by Liliana. This artwork was inspired by the 1972 movie ‘Silent Running’ and by passages from the 1785 short story ‘Men are Machines of the Angels’ by Jean Paul. (See http://bit.ly/theglobes)

For the 12 guests at Franca Scala, it was quite a unique experience to see an actual avatar walking through the virtual world created by Navah Dreams, as seen by Art Blue and brought to the audience on two large screens.

A lively discussion about virtual worlds followed the presentation and Liliana extended the demonstration, photographing guest Barry Tagrin and placing him as a cartoon in one of her virtual installations – so that he now appears in the picture shown here.

In Greek mythology Cheiron was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine; since then we have come a very long way to reach a point where examinations and diagnoses can now take place assisted by advanced 3D computer systems.

“Virtualization is not only a trend; it is a way the world is about to work,” Reiner informed his audience at an earlier talk ‘Zeus meets Zuse’ he gave on 4 May at an IPAC Art Appreciation evening. See http://avatarkunst.wordpress.com

In September a seminar on how to take part in the 3D Internet as a creator and artist is planned on Paros. Further information from:
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