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What's on in November


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For events marked (#), contact Irini ­Kyriazanou of KDEPAP at Paros Town Hall, 22840-22860. For Tao’s Center contact 22840-28882, see www.taos-greece.com

1 Nov, 7pm - Archilochos Theatrical Society holds its first meeting of the year at the Archilochos Hall, Paroikia. Info: Haris 22840-22486.

1-5 Nov, Speeches by mayoral candidate Christos Vlachoyiannis of Eniaia Kinisi Politon-Enotita gia to Mellon. Mon 1/11 at 7pm Prodromos, Pavlakis Kafeneio and at 8pm Marmara, kafeneion in the plateia. Tue 2/11 at 8pm Alyki, Skandalis Restaurant. Wed 3/11 at 5pm Marathi, Dimotiko School, at 6pm Kostos, Ag.Athanasiou Hall and at 7pm Lefkes, Koinotita building. Thu 4/11 at 8pm Marpissa, Parea Restaurant. Fri 5/11 at 7.30pm Naoussa, main square and at 8.30pm Paroikia, campaign office in Alygaria Square. See p21.

1-5 Nov, Speeches by mayoral candidate Grigoria Protolati of Paros AXIA. Mon 1/11 at 9pm Alyki, Sotiris Skandalis Restaurant. Tue 2/11 at 7.30pm Kostos, main square and at 9pm Lefkes, Megaro. Wed 3/11 at 7.30pm Marpissa, Parea Restaurant. Thu 4/11 at 9pm Naoussa, main square. Fri 5/11 at 9pm Paroikia, Agora, Kastro-Vrisi Mavrogeni. See p21.

3-4 Nov, Speeches by mayoral candidate Kostas Rokonidas of Laiki Syspeirosi Parou. Wed 3/11 at 8pm, Naoussa, main square. Thu 4/11 at 8pm, Paroikia, campaign office opposite the windmill at the port. See p21.

7 Nov, 7am-7pm, Local and regional elections take place all over Greece.  See p20.

8 Nov, 10am, ‘Taxiarchon’ (Archangels) celebration at the little church in the Agora, Paroikia.

9 Nov, Liturgy at Ekatontapyliani for Aghia Theoktisti, Paros’s patron saint, followed by procession around Paroikia around 10am. Schools, and some offices/shops usually closed in Paroikia.

11 Nov, Ag.Minas Festival at the monastery in Marathi.

mid-Nov, IPAC (International Paros Art Circle) monthly meeting, date, time & venue to be announced. Info: Peter 22840-23368, www.ipac.gr

16-25 Nov, Naoussa Women’s Association annual trip, this year to Istanbul. Info: Eleftheria 22840-51402.

17 Nov, Anniversary of the ‘Polytechnio’, the 1973 sit-in at the Athens Polytechnic which led to the fall of the military dictatorship in 1974. At 3pm, Annual ‘Dromos Eleftherias’ (Road of Freedom) races starting from the main square in Alyki with children from all the elementary (dimotika) schools of Paros and Antiparos participating. Info: Alexandros 693-693-5591.

21 Nov, Feast of the Presentation of the Virgin at the Monastery of Holy Mary Kondiani, Archilochos.

25 Nov, Thanksgiving Day (USA).

25 Nov, 1pm, IWOP (International Women’s Organization of Paros) lunch at Haroula’s Taverna, Marpissa. All welcome. Info: Jane 22840-42451, 694-575-5693.

26-28 Nov, 9am-1.30pm & 5.30-9pm, Blood donation on Fri 26 at the Naoussa medical station and on Sat 27 & Sun 28 at the Paroikia health centre. If you want to donate, get an early night, don’t drink or take any pills.  Info: 22843-60000.

end Nov, Day of remembrance for the National Resistance between 1941 and 1944 (Eortasmos Ethnikis Antistasis) usually taking place on the last Sunday of November. 10am service at the Ekatontapyliani, followed by speeches, laying of wreaths in Paroikia, reading of the names of the dead and one moment’s silence. Info: 22843-61201. Also commemoration celebrations at Ag.Giorgios, Antiparos. Info: 22840-61570.

29-30 Nov, Celebration at the Monastery of Ag.Andreas near Naoussa.

Throughout November

Orthodox church services at the Ekatontapyliani daily 7.30am Orthros (matins) & 5pm Esperinos (vespers). Liturgy (main service) Sat 7.30am, Sun 7am. Liturgies for saints to be held on: 1 Nov-7.30am, 3 Nov - 7.30am, 8 Nov-6pm, 9 Nov- 7.30am, 11 Nov-7.30am, 16 Nov-7.30am, 25 Nov-7.30am, 26 Nov-7.30am, 30 Nov-7.30am. Info: 22840-21243.

Christian fellowship in homes, Sun 10-12am. Songs/ hymns, videos in English, Bible reading in English, German, French, Dutch/Flemish. Info: 22840-42358.

Catholic mass, on Sun 7 & 21 Nov at 5.30pm at Ag. Antonios, Paroikia. Info: 22830-51474, 22850-22470. Mass is also held some Sundays at Ag.Georgios Naoussa in English, German & other languages Info: 22840-28386, 697-381-4666.

Greek dancing lessons & storytelling for kids by the Scopas Association in Prodromos. Fairytales and music & movement for 4-5-year-olds every Thu at 6pm. Folkdancing lessons for children and adults on weekdays. Info: 22840-42579.

Greek & Latin dancing lessons, theatrical group & storytelling for kids by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa (XON). Fairytales and music & movement for 4-5-year-olds every Wed at 6pm. Folkdancing lessons for children and adults on weekdays. Info: 22840-52971, www.paros-xon.gr

Greek dancing, choir & theatre lessons for adults and children by the Music Dance Group of Naoussa at their hall in Naoussa. Also in Aspro Chorio and Kostos. Info: 22840-52284.

Weekend walks organised by the Folkdance Group of Naoussa (XON), once a month. Dress comfortably and bring water. Info: Efi 697-267-2505.

Weekend walks organised by Parosweb Community. Info: Nicolas 693-230-1696, www.paroscommunity.com/walkers

Greek traditional cooking (one-day lessons) with Margarita. Info: 22840-52362, www.margaritastudios.com

Live rebetiko, bouzouki music at Anezina Café, Drios, every Monday at 8.30pm. Info: 697-780-9876.

Live music and events at Pirate Jazz & Blues Bar, Paroikia. Info: 697-919-4074.

Yoga classes with Oona, every Mon+Wed 6-7.30pm, Tue 10-11.30am, Thu 10-11.30am. Info: 697-935-1951, www.yoga-paros.com

Tennis academy at Aghia Irini. Daily lessons for children 7 yrs and up. Info: Shashank 699-817-8503. Free intro lessons for beginners 6 yrs and up. Info: Aris 694-579-5614, email: tennisparos@yahoo.gr

Funky tennis & gym tennis for adults/children, all levels, twice weekly at Paros Tennis & Sports Club, Aghia Irini. Info: 22840-24280, www.parostennisclub.com

Hip-hop, funky jazz, R&B dance classes for children & adults. Info: Lisa 694-245-8477.

Track sports courses, cycling & walking groups organised by DONA. Track courses Mon-Wed-Fri at 4-6pm and cycling courses Sat 12-1.30pm at the Paroikia stadium. Info: Maria 693-879-9341.

Music, Art & Dance Lessons of the Municipal Department for Cultural Development (KDEPAP): Municipal band for children, Greek dance group for children & adults, art workshop for infants, children & adults (painting, sculpture, crafts, ceramics, icon painting, drawing, draughting), music school (piano, guitar, violin, bouzouki, music theory, choir, Orff). Info: 22840-22860.

Meditation & Yoga classes daily at 10am & 6pm and Pilates Mon+Wed at 3.30pm at Tao’s Center, Ambelas. Info: 22840-28882, www.taos-greece.com. See p5.

‘Clean Mondays’ - detoxification treatments, community-style TCM after yoga, Mon 7.30-9pm (25€, or 20€ if with yoga class). Info: Maya 22840-28882.

Women’s circle every Fri at 11am at Tao’s. Info: 22840-28882.

Swimming & sailing lessons for kids organised by NOP (Paros Nautical Club). Info: 22840-21800, www.paros-sailing.gr

Self-defence courses at Olympus Gym, Paroikia. Info: 22840-22233.

Pilates, Yoga, Yoga-dance, Latin dance with Bettina & Irana Ji An for adults and children. Info: Paros Dance Academy 697-935-3401.


For events marked (#) contact the Naxos Municipality Cultural Dept 22853-60122. For events marked (##) contact Katerina Syderi, Drymalia Municipality on 22850-31955 or see www.drymalianaxos.gr

19 Nov, ‘Rakitzio’ festivities in Moni - a cauldron for the distillation of raki is placed in the main square and farmers prepare their produce for the year. The event continues through the evening until the early morning hours with traditional music, dancing and local mezedes. ##

19-28 Nov, The Naxos Women’s Association organises its annual trip, this year to London and Scotland. Info: Kelly 22850-24342.

TBA, The archive of Naxian writer Nikos Kefaliniadis will be put on display. Date, time and venue to be announced. ##

and in December

11 Dec, 11am-7pm, NAWS (Naxos Animal Welfare Society) bake sale. Venue to be announced. Info: 695-613-3929.

Throughout November

Orthodox Church Services at the Zoodochou Pigis Church in Chora - Sun 7-10am Liturgy (main service), Sat 6.30pm Esperinos (vespers). Orthros (matins) and Esperinos (vespers) when celebrating festivals. Info: 22850-22895.

Catholic mass, Mon-Sat 5pm and Sun 10am at the Catholic Cathedral (Mitropoli) in Chora. Info: 22850-22470, 22830-22382.

Weekend walks through areas of exceptional beauty on the island. Info: Manolis Santorineos 694-664-1622.

Lectures on various subjects organised by the Naxos Municipality every Wed and Sat evening at around 7.30pm at the KAPI building in Chora. #

Naxos Philharmonic Band lessons every weekend for children aged 9 and up. Info: 22853-60122/3.

Santouri (zither) lessons in Halki.##

Traditional dance lessons, arts and crafts classes & music lessons in the villages of Drymalia. ##

Painting workshops for children every Tue 5-6.30pm in Halki. ##

Jewellery-making workshops for adults in Halki every Sunday 5-7pm ##

Traditional dance lessons for adults in Halki every Sunday 7-8.30pm. ##

Latin dance lessons, Salsa, Merenque & Basada classes by Pablo from Brazil, free every Wed evening at Escoba Café Restaurant. Info: Marios 22850-23567.

Local radio daily headline news and local weather in English 8.30am & 2.20pm, foreign music programme 2.30-6pm Mon-Fri. Mesogeios 105.4 FM. Info: 22850-26009, www.mesogiosfm.gr

Horse riding, Lessons for children and cross-country horseback riding for adults (beginners & advanced). Info: Linda Barratt 694-880-9142, www.naxoshorseriding.com

For events marked (*), contact Anastasia Yannakou/Anna Gavala of the Amorgos Municipality Cultural Dept on 22853-60200.

1 Nov, Festival of Aghion Anargyron in Tholaria, Aegiali.*

20 Nov, Esperinos service at the church of Panaghia (Virgin Mary) Chozoviotissa starting around 6pm. *

21 Nov, Festivities at the church of Panaghia Chozoviotissa starting around 6am with sweet ‘pastelli’ offered.*

22-29 Nov, Painting seminar at the Aegialis Hotel & Spa. Info: 22850-73393, www.amorgos-aegialis.com

Throughout November

Guided walks, photography, botany and herbs, ornithology, traditional Greek cooking, water-colour painting courses. Info: 693-982-0828, www.walkingingreece.com

Yoga, meditation, stretching, Tai Chi, massage & Reiki at the Iris Centre, Aigiali. Info: 22850-73156, 693-498-4775, www.iris.amorgos.net

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