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  Nr. 141 - October 2010
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Election Fever!

by Massaliotis
Local elections will be held throughout Greece on Sunday, 7 November (with a second round on Sunday, 14 November, if the winning party does not get more than 50% of the vote). See the September 2010 issue of Paros Life & Naxos Life for the first set of interviews with the mayoral candidates in our region. The final set of interviews will be included in the November issue. All currently declared candidates are:
PAROS (5 candidates)

Christos Vlachoyiannis
Ενιαίας Κίνησης Πολιτών-
Ενότητα για το Μέλλον
(United Front of Citizens-
United for the Future)
email: grafeiodimarhou@paros.gr

*** LATEST NEWS *** Following a meeting held on 9/9, the two parties ‘United Front of Citizens’ and ‘United for the Future’ merged to form a single party. Voting took place to select the new leader of the party and mayoral candidate. Christos Vlachoyiannis received 65 votes and Louizos Kondos received 21 votes.

Grigoria Protolati
Πάρος ΑΞΙΑ
(Paros Value)
email: parosaxia.gt@gmail.com

*** LATEST NEWS *** The official inauguration of the campaign office of ‘Πάρος ΑΞΙΑ’, located in Ekatontapyliani Square, Paroikia will take place on 1 October at 8pm.

Manolis Glezos (pending confirmation)
Κίνηση Ενεργών Πολιτών
(Movement of Active Citizens)
blog: http://kepparou.blogspot.com

*** LATEST NEWS *** There has still not been an official announcement on who will lead the ‘Movement of Active Citizens’ as the party’s mayoral candidate. However, representatives of the party held a meeting on 28/9 with ‘Πάρος ΑΞΙΑ’ to discuss the possibility of cooperation. Both parties agreed that the body of citizens is the sole body responsible for taking decisions on matters that concern it. Talks between the two parties will continue.

Ilias Kountromichalis
Η Πάρος Mας Eνώνει
(Paros Unites Us)
email: parosmasenoni@gmail.com
Kostas Rokonidas
Λαϊκή Συσπείρωση Πάρου
(Popular Movement of Paros)
email: lsparou@gmail.com, blog: TBA

ANTIPAROS (2 candidates)
Nikos Marianos
Ενωτική Κίνηση Προόδου
(United Movement for Progress)
email: nmariano@otenet.gr

Yiannis Levendakis
email: TBA, tel: 22840-61684

CYCLADES (4 candidates)
Nikos Marakis
Συμπαράταξη Νάξου και Μικρών Κυκλάδων
(Common Front of Naxos & Minor Cyclades)
email: nmarakis@naxos.gov.gr

Thanasis Grillakis
Συμπολιτεία Νάξου και Μικρών Κυκλάδων
(Naxos & Minor Cyclades Partnership)
email: grillakis.a@hotmail.com

Evdokia Psarra
Λαϊκή Συσπείρωση Νάξου και Μικρών Κυκλάδων
(Popular Movement of Naxos & Minor Cyclades)
email: epsarra@sch.gr
Manolis Margaritis
Δήμος Νάξου και Μικρών Κυκλάδων, Στροφή στο Μέλλον
Municipality of Naxos & the Minor Cyclades, Turn to the Future
email: m.margaritis@hotmail.com
& Dimitris Lianos
Δημοτική Δράση για τη Νάξο και τις Μικρές Κυκλάδες
(Municipal Action for Naxos & the Minor Cyclades)
email: info@dimotikidrasi.gr

*** LATEST NEWS *** Mayoral candidates Manolis Margaritis and Dimitris Lianos have just announced that they have joined forces, creating a new party called 'Turn to the Future-Popular Movement' headed by Manolis Margaritis.
AMORGOS (3 candidates*)
Nikos Fostieris
Ένωση για την Πρόοδο της Αμοργού
(Union for the Progress of Amorgos)
email: amorgos@aigaio.gr

Antonis Vekris
Αμoργιανό Όραμα
(Vision for Amorgos)
email: vekris@amorgion.gr

Panayiotis Kovaios
Νέα Δύναμη
(New Strength)
email: pkoveos@gmail.com

*A fourth possible candidate – not yet officially declared – is Νikitas Roussos.
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