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  Nr. 137 - June 2010
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Summer Solstice Festival at the Park!

by Iris Papathanasiou
Summer is here! Days are gradually getting longer, the sun dominates the days, the holiday season is getting into full swing, there is celebration in the air and it’s impossible to resist the exciting anticipation of all that is to come.

So festivities must begin and the first community festival to take place at the Environmental & Cultural Park of Ai-Yiannis Detis in Paros is just around the corner! Local organisations, artists, musicians, environmentalists, writers and students will come together to celebrate the summer solstice.

Starting on 20 June and running for eight continuous days, all kinds of events will take place on the peninsula, including live music on the European Music Day; a discussion about biodiversity in the Cyclades; photographs and information on Alkyoni, the Aegean Wildlife Hospital; and an art workshop on the grounds of the monastery of Ai-Yiannis Detis. Many local associations are participating in this momentous event.

This cape is an ideal place for presenting these collective activities, as it spreads across 900 stremmata, showcasing small coves and creeks, sandy beaches and various prehistoric and modern landmarks from the light- house on the cape of Korakas to remnants from the Venetian times. Its geological beauty and historical importance is what led to the foundation of a municipal company in 2009, which is charged with being the protector and promoter of this unspoiled landscape.

During the cold winter months, the foundation organised local schools and volunteers from around the area to assist in beautifying further this magnificent landscape through trash pick-ups, planting of hundreds of endemic plants, and the creation of safe walking paths which cover seven kilometres and reveal hidden picturesque spots — a hiker’s dream!

It’s a credit to this foundation and more importantly to members of the local community who devoted their spare time to make the foundation’s vision a reality. Now that the Park has been prepared for the summer season, this community festival is a celebration and a prelude to cultural happenings that will continue throughout the season. Last year, the Park committee organised the first summer festival, the Ecological Festival at the Park, which was considered a success. This year, after the community events in June, the Park festivities continue with concerts in July and in August, which will take place in the open-air theatre built in the rocks above the main beach.

The Park has one organised beach at the entrance with umbrellas, sun-beds and a snack bar. There will be maps available for those who want to discover the area on foot, and enjoy the Cycladic nature far from the crowds!

For details on the upcoming events and details about the Park, please visit www.parkoparos.gr

Programme for the Community Festival at the Park, 20-28 June

20 June, 11.30 a.m. Discussion of biodiversity, Kritonas Arsenis, Member of the European Parliament. Sponsor: Local committee of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage (Elliniki Etairia).

20-23 June, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. “Painting at the Monastery of Ai-Yiannis-Detis,” art workshop on the grounds of the monastery. Sponsor: International Paros Art Circle, IPAC.

20-28 June Wildlife photography exhibition. Sponsor: Alkyoni, the Aegean Wildlife Hospital.

21 June European Music Day will be celebrated for the first time on Paros with performances by bands from Paros and elsewhere. Sponsor: Environmental & Cultural Park of
Ai-Yiannis Detis, in cooperation with the Network of the European Music Day.

23 June, 9 p.m. Environmental documentaries, “My Videos,”
“A Right to the City,” “Global Dimmer.” Sponsor: Cycladic Audiovisual Archives “KYKLOS”

24-28 June Art exhibition in the Monastery’s cells. Opening 24 June, 8 p.m. Sponsor: International Paros Art Circle, IPAC.

24 June, 9.30 p.m. Parian musicians perform. Sponsor: Environmental & Cultural Park of Ai-Yiannis Detis.

25 June, 9.30 p.m. ”Trip to the Moon” concert with local musicians. Sponsor: Volunteer Centre for People with Special Needs and Abilities, AMEAI.

27 June, 8 p.m. Presentation of Nikos Aliprantis’ latest book on Parian history followed by a concert with Kostas Karalis. Sponsor: Local committee of the Elliniki Etairia.

28 June, 7 p.m. Cape tour & party. Sponsor: Folk Dance Group of Naoussa, Paros, XON.

Directions: By car from Paroikia, take the road to Naoussa and turn left at the coastline. Alternately, take a bus to Naoussa and a caique across the bay.
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