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Animal Talk (NAWS)

by Celia Gale
Equine Project Update

Last month, we reported that we’d written a letter to Naxos Mayor Nikos Marakis, asking him to support the three-day Equine Project we have planned for May. The project is being organised in conjunction with Naxos state vets, veterinary specialists from the Greek Animal Welfare Fund and funding from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

Mayor Marakis responded very positively, saying he feels this will be beneficial for the agricultural community. He is considering our request for the municipality to offer complimentary accommodation and car rental for the visiting vets.

The project will take place over three days at three locations which have been identified by our state vets as accessible and central. Owners of mules, donkeys and horses are encouraged to bring them for free health checks and treatment. Education about caring for these animals will also be offered.

Mayor Marakis acknowledged the noticeable reduction in stray animals on the streets, thanks largely to the work of NAWS. However, he made it clear that he has no funding available to help us continue in our efforts. We will help the municipality to make the necessary application for E.U. funding, of which the mayor claimed to be unaware.
Dog and Horse Show
The first-ever Naxos Dog and Horse Show will take place on 9 May from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will include horse displays and pony rides for children. The entrance fee is 5 euros and pony rides cost 2 euros each. Bring your kids and dogs, but please, keep the dogs on leashes!

The event will take place at the stables of the Naxos Horse Riding Club, on the road from Chora to Galanado, near Loukaki. Look for balloons and turn right on the dirt road.

Among the events scheduled are the following: a mini-seminar by Iakovina, a dog trainer who specialises in behavioural psychology; a dog show to be judged by Roula Brown; group lessons for dogs; a display of dogs’ agility and obedience; and a horse display.

Food and drinks will be served, and pet products will be for sale.

To sign up for the dog show and competition, call Celia on 695-613-3929. One of the awards will go to the category “The Waggiest Tail.”

It promises to be an interesting day out for the entire family, including the dogs! Hope to see Parian dogs and their owners here in Naxos for the weekend!


Recently we had two separate cases of people losing their dogs on Naxos. But with the help of NAWS e-mails and word of mouth, the dogs were happily reunited with their owners. These incidents occurred over the Easter period, when perhaps the dogs were frightened by the loud firebombs and endless gunshots being fired (or alternatively, maybe the smell of roasting goat made them wander farther afield than usual?)

Info: http://naws.on-naxos.com
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