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Scopas, Parian Sculptor of Antiquity: International Conference 2010

by Iris Papathanasiou
The life and work of ancient sculptor of Paros, Scopas, will be discussed for the first time on an international level at a conference that will take place on Paros in June 2010.

It is the third international conference in the “Paros” series organized by the Archaeological Institute of Paros, the Archilochos Cultural Association and the Paros Municipality. The previous conferences focused on the Parian marble, “Paria Lithos”, and the poet of antiquity Archilochos.

A press conference was held at the beginning of November, where archaeologist Dr Dora Katsonopoulou, President of the Archaeological Institute, informed us that 40 scholars from all over the world are expected to participate in this meeting.

Scopas lived in the 4th century BCE and was as famous as Praxitelis, Feidias and Lyssipos during his time. Even though he was a great sculptor and architect, progressive for his time, and inspiring generations of artists after him, he has not been extensively discussed and his personality and life are something of a mystery. We know, however, that he travelled a lot, creating temples in the Peloponnese, Athens, Meghara, and Samothrace. On Paros he constructed the temple of Estia, which is thought to be situated under the present old market street of Paroikia. Like the Parian poet Archilochos, he was considered subversive and brought changes and new elements into the art of his time.

Through this important international meeting, Paros’s glorious past will have yet another opportunity to shine. It is also a chance for the local community to become better acquainted with Scopas, which is why the Municipality of Paros has decided to dedicate the year 2010 to this great sculptor, organizing related events on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The conference will be held 11-13 June at the Archilochos Hall, in both the Greek and English language.

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