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It’s All Greek to Me!

by Elsa Sarri, November 2003
Paros currently has a total of five local Greek papers: Ta Nea Tis Parou (Paros News), Foni Tis Parou (Voice of Paros), Politis tis Parou (Citizen of Paros), Parianos Typos (Paros Press) and Pariani Enimerosi (Paros Informer). Even those of us in the international community who speak Greek find them very difficult to read, but because so many of us are interested in what they say, we have begun receiving frequent requests at Paros Life to incorporate some of their content for our readers.

This month, Elsa Sarri has taken some recent editions and summarized them for us. Please let us have your feedback as to this format. Is it enough? Is it too much? Is it what you want? If there is a specific article which is of interest to many of you, we can translate it and publish it in the next edition. Otherwise, if just one or two people are interested, we can arrange a translation for a small fee on an individual basis. You can also use the electronic language system "Systran" for a rough translation of those texts which are currently available online. See the March 2003 edition of Paros Life for further information on how to use Systran.

We plan to publish summaries on a regular basis from now on, so please do let us know what you think so we can provide you with the information that best matches your needs and interests.

Ta Nea tis Parou
(No. 87 - 28 Sept 03)

Front page: the main article is about developments regarding the new Paros airport. The article refers to a new appeal by the Greek state to be held in Syros on 27 Nov to define the amount of money that should be paid to the owners of property in the area where the airport is planned. Five years ago attempts to begin planning were refused permission because of protests by inhabitants of the area. It was considered to be harmful to the natural environment of Paros to construct a large international airport. New proposals were made and new research undertaken. In this new appeal a smaller landing strip will be proposed to avoid harming the natural surroundings and to avoid being turned down again. According to this article, 2004 will be the year in which we will hear if Paros will have a new airport.

Page 2: Photographs of the work of artists Peter Seibt and Andree Schulz Walgenbach following their exhibition in Naoussa. Review of Irene Orda's evening of mime at the Archilochos as part of the Paros Summer Music Festival.

An international conference of oceanologists was held at the Hotel Pandrossos on 22-26 Sept.

Page 4: The Paroikia Port Police have moved to the opposite side of the road and are now located on the first floor above the Atlantic Supermarket.

Page 5: An important conference was held in Ios in September and attended by doctors from the Paros Health Centre to discuss problems and solutions for health care in the Cyclades.

Page 7: Mr Bailas, Prefect for the Cyclades, turned down the proposal by DEH (the power corporation) for the creation of a windpark for power generation on Paros. Mayor Rangoussis stated that such a project needs to be first coordinated with local authorities in order to protect the rights of all the inhabitants of Paros.

Legislation regarding maximum prices for unleaded gasoline were opposed by the gas station owners of Paros, though favoured by consumers. It is now not known if this will go ahead because of strike action by the gas stations.

Page 9: Financial approval was given for the amount of 300,000 euros for Paros to create an official general development plan. Only a few places in Greece have such an official general city plan, in consequence of which city growth is uncontrolled and causes structural problems.

Page 10: Olives and olive oil at the Olympic Games was the topic of an international cultural conference held in Lefkes from 26-28 Sept.

Page 12: Detailed list of this year's pupils who passed their final examinations of the Technical School and the Lykeio.

Page 13: For the third year running, Athens radio station ROCK FM held a weekend of rock in Antiparos on 13-14 Sept.

Page15: From thoughts of the Samina Express tragedy in September 2000, writer "L'EX" goes back more than 50 years to describe her memories of Paros.

On 19 Sept, the decision was made for 7,500 euros for the Centre for People with Special Needs & Abilities (AMEAI) in Naoussa and 6,000 euros for the Nautical Club of Paros to be made available from Municipal funds.

Argyro Barbarigou, author of a cooking book with Parian recipes, will appear on the MEGA TV channel this winter to demonstrate her cooking.

PAWS is looking for temporary homes (2 weeks to 2 months) for 15 puppies that will then go to permanent placements.

(No. 88 - 12 Oct 03)

Front page: On 7th Oct the preliminary sales contract was signed for the land in the area of Aghios Charalambos where the garbage disposal will be situated. This brings us one step closer to official EU approval.

Mrs Marousso Frangouli was officially announced as the new Vice-mayor of Paros on 15 Sept. She has retired from her duties at the Commercial Bank of Greece in Paroikia in order to be fully dedicated to her new assignment. Her special area of responsibility will be matters concerning Paroikia.

In preparation for the Olympic Games in Athens next year, a committee of experts on safety and security visited Paros and other islands. Improved security measures will include the checking of all traffic going to and from ports, terminals for arrivals and departures will be created and police and fire brigade staff will be increased.

Page 2: Three positions for teachers of the fine arts to teach at DEPA's new workshop on the Paroikia ringroad will soon be announced.

On 27 Sept the official opening and blessing took place of the new office of the local committee of Nea Dimokratia on the ringroad in Paroikia.

An exhibition of photography by Stavros Niflis (Fuji Photo Naoussa) was held in the public library of Paros on 28 Sept and on the same day a celebration in honour of the people who helped set up the library was held with speeches concerning the future of the library.

Page 7: From 25-29 Sept the Deputy Minister of Health, Mr Hector Nasiokas, visited the Paros Health Centre for a meeting with Medical Director Dr Arkas, Mayor Rangoussis, Eparchos Grigoria Protolati and others to discuss problems and possible improvements in healthcare for the future.

Foni tis Parou
(Nos. 48 & 49 - 24 Aug & 7 Sep 03 combined)

Front page: Similar article as in Ta Nea of 12 Oct announcing Marousso Frangouli's appointment as Vice-mayor.

On 12 Sept a celebration was held at the Marathi Taverna with traditional Parian instruments - the "tsabouna" and "toubaki".

Announcement of the celebration to be held on 28 Sept at the public library.

Page 2: Agenda - list of current events.

Page 3: As part of a Ministry of Health programme, the mobile unit for psychological health, based in Ermoupoli, Syros, will visit the Paros Health Centre every Weds & Thur (14:00-17:00), and provide service free of charge. In the morning hours the team of doctors will have time for training, consultation and, if necessary, home visits, as well as to visit Antiparos. For appointments call: 22810-86007, 22810-86008, fax: 22810-86008.

Yannos Kourayos, Director of the Paros Archaeological Museum has appealed to the Municipality for financial help in cleaning up some of the important classical sites in Paroikia. He has also requested that the Municipal storage area next to the site by the cemetery on the ringroad be moved elsewhere and the Municipality confirm they have allocated an alternative site and the move will take place when it is ready.

Page 2 (inner): four pages are dedicated to the life and work of Mrs Fotini Zafeiropoulou, an archaeologist who has worked in the Aegean islands for almost 50 years. The article includes information about archaeology on Paros and other Aegean islands through the years.

Page 6 (inner): A 2-page article follows on the traditional process of producing olive oil.

(Nos. 50 & 51 - 21 Sep & 5 Oct 03 combined)

Front page: More details about the discussions at the Paros Health Centre meeting during the visit of the Deputy Minister of Health.

Report on the cultural conference held in Lefkes from 26-28 Sept.

Report on the 28 Sept public library celebration and a list of future goals for the library including plans to collect 30,000 books, create an archive of Parian writers and a full bibliography of the poet Archilochos which will also be available on the Internet.

The Municipality has prepared a powerful presentation emphasizing Paros's cultural identity for the "Filoxenia" exhibition of tourism that will take place in Thessaloniki from 30 Oct to 2 Nov.

Page 2: Agenda - list of current events.

Page 2 (inner): A 4-page interview called "Time Stops with One Click" showcases the work and tells the life story of photographer Stavros Niflis.

(No. 52 - 19 Oct 03)

The central subject is an 8-page article about the purchase of an air ambulance for Paros, one of the main pre-election promises by Mayor Rangoussis that has received a lot of criticism. Attempting to dispel rumours that such plans will not be realized, concrete plans and details about the purchase and maintenance costs are explained.

Page 2: Agenda - list of current events.

Politis tis Parou
(No. 16 - Oct 03)

Front page: Discussions and commitments arising from the visit of the Deputy Minister of Health in September.

"Lots of people, little money" was how the Association of Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops summed up the 2003 summer season.

Page 2: The subject of the most recent Town Council meeting was the Health Centre and its problems and needs.

Page 4: Opinions differ about the aesthetics of the new bridge in Naoussa. Work continues on the bridge replacing the old one at Apati near Lefkes.

Page 5: Three years have passed since the Samina disaster and there is still no justice for the families of the victims. This article remembers the victims and heroes of 26 Sept 2000.

Page 7: Review of the Aristidis Varrias exhibition.

Page 8: The future funding of the Naoussa AMEAI Centre was the main subject at the Council meeting of 19 Sept.

Parianos Typos
(No. 14 - 24 Sep 03)

Front page: Article in memory of the Samina Express disaster analyzing the causes and where responsibilities lie.

Page 3: Criticism and complaints about the chaos in the main port area and in particular the "kamakis" for whom it was "business as usual" this summer.

Page 8: Report on the ceremony at the public library.

Page 14: Disagreement and complaints about the new bridge in Naoussa and the bridge replacing the old one in Apati.

(No. 15 - 8 Oct 03)

Front page: The four "hottest" problems of Paros are: the port and the need for a separate cargo harbour, the garbage, traffic circulation in Paroikia and the water supply and sewage system.

An indoor sports centre for Paroikia and a stadium in Naoussa have been approved and financed under the programme "Greece 2004". This article asks why they are not yet built.

Page 5: Town Council meeting report about the AMEAI Centre.

Page 7: Full page article about the new airport talking about the history and giving explanations why it has taken so long and what were the problems in the past that prevented plans being realized earlier. The article includes a list of 64 names of property owners in the area whose land will be appropriated by the Greek state.

Pariani Enimerosi
(No. 25 - Oct 03)

Front page: The opening of the Nea Dimokratia office.

Report on the amount of disagreement and division that currently characterizes local politics.

Page 2: A ceremony was held on 26 September in memory of the victims of the Samina Express sinking.

Page 3: More opinions about the new bridge from residents of Naoussa and complaints from residents of Lefkes about disruption to traffic due to the building of the bridge at Apati.

Page 3: Article suggesting the authorities take action to round up, sterilize, feed and house the stray dog population.
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