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  Nr. 124 - April 2009
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HOLY WEEK (Megali Evdomada)

April 2009

SUN 12/4 Kyriaki ton Vaion
7am Orthros & Holy Liturgy
7pm Esperinos
8pm Akolouthia tou Nimfiou
MON 13/4 Megali Devtera &
TUE 14/4 Megali Triti
7.30am Proigiasmeni Holy Liturgy
7pm Mega Apodeipnon
8pm Akolouthia tou Nimfiou
WED 15/4 Megali Tetarti
7.30am Proigiasmeni Holy Liturgy
6pm Aghion Efchelaion
8pm Akolouthia tou Niptiros
THU 16/4 Megali Pempti
7.30am Holy Liturgy M. Vasileiou
7.30pm Akolouthia ton Aghion Pathon
FRI 17/4 Megali Paraskevi
10am Akolouthia ton Megalon Oron
12 midday Esperinos tis Apokathiloseos
10pm Akolouthia tou I. Epitaphion
12 midnight Exodos tou I. Epitaphion
1.30am Holy Liturgy M. Vasileiou
SAT 18/4 Megalo Savvato
7.30am Holy Liturgy M., Vasileiou
11pm Akolouthia tis Anastaseos
12 midnight Holy Liturgy Anastaseos
SUN 19/4 Kyriaki tou Pascha
11am Esperinos tis Agapis
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