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  Nr. 109 - November 2007
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Letters to the Editor

Paros Life welcomes your letters. Send to P.O. Box 112, Paros or email to info@paroslife.com including your full name, address and phone number. Paros Life reserves the right to edit.

Please keep in mind that the philosophy of this publication is one of promoting cooperation and integration within our local community. Whilst not denying that problems exist, we strive always to emphasise the positive. We seek means of continuous improvement, rather than focusing on criticism which tends to foster antagonism instead of contributing to solutions. Letters which reflect this spirit are most likely to be published.

Greek Hospitality

In reply to Katerina Kantartzis’ letter to the editor about the wane of Greek hospitality, let me say first off that I hope the experience her English friends endured was the exception and not the rule.

Having been to Greece twice (albeit more than 20 years ago), I could not imagine a more welcoming and gracious host population, even to student tourists like me at the time. While there I, and during the second trip my family as well, ate in many tavernas both in Athens and on Paros, without ever being served cold food! And wherever I went, the warmth of the Greek people was always evident. I have travelled in a few countries, and nowhere did I feel more welcome than in Greece, especially Paros, but even in Athens.

Yes, everything was cheaper in the 1980s, but the economy then was based on the drachma - not the euro. For every economic gain that this change of currency represents, there is also a price to pay, especially when competing with other European countries for tourists. Still, I agree with Ms. Kantartzis that Greece is unique in offering tourists the majesty of ancient civilization and its monuments with the beauty of pristine beaches and charming villages tucked in the hills behind them. (No wonder some tourists become residents!)

Yet if improvement at this point is needed in how some locals interact with tourists, Ms. Kantartzis’ observations should provide an excellent guide Meanwhile, I can’t wait to come back sometime!

Barbara Coverley, Connecticut USA

Help for the Peloponnese

I hope that you will join me in spreading the word about Regreen Greece, my humanitarian aid project.

Greece has always held a special place in my heart. I visited the Peloponnese a few weeks before the devastating fires. As always, I enjoyed the olive groves, the small villages that zigzagged across the landscape and the warmth of the Greek people. In August 2007, fires claimed over 50,000 acres, 64 lives, hundreds of homes and the livelihood of small Greek communities. I knew that I needed to help this fire-ravished land and people, even in some small way.

Now I need your help to spread the word. It’s simple. Go to: http://www.youtube.com/RegreenGreece and view the video. Rank it as one of your favourites and tell others about it. For updates on this project visit: http://regreengreece.blogspot.com/.

I appreciate your time.

Renee Rule, Indiana USA

Liaison Office

I’ve just read the article in ‘Paros Life’ about the sessions that Brigitte Karavias ran in the summer this year, and think this is a fantastic idea.

We purchased a house in Paroikia two years ago and visit as often as we can, hoping to move to Paros in the near future. We don’t speak Greek, but are taking lessons so one day may be able to ask for more technical things than food and drink in a taverna.

In the meantime if we need any services we have to manage somehow, depending on what is required. This was particularly difficult when we first took ownership and our solar heating exploded causing consternation amongst the local neighbours, but we had no idea how to call out an emergency solar heating engineer!

So please add our vote for this service when passing details to the municipality.


Barbara Trotman, Paroikia & UK

Leave No Trace

Here’s a photo of the rich pickings from Voutakos Beach after we decided to do a bit of a clean up one September evening this year. Clearly cigarette butts aren’t considered to be litter by some.

Paros is getting better with its green initiatives but this is one area where much more can be done with just a little thought. So, to this end, we are considering starting up a “Leave No Trace” campaign for next summer to help spread the message.

That definition has worked really well at our UK festival and seems to have captured the imagination... maybe it will work on Paros too?

If anyone is interested in joining in, email me at info@paroshouse.co.uk.

Peter Lawrence, Aliki & UK
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