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Animal Talk

by Nicolas Stephanou, December 2006
PAWS Grand Gala Buffet

PAWS held its first Grand Gala Buffet on Saturday 21st of October at the Happy Green Cows restaurant in Paroikia with great success. The main objective was to institute an annual event for PAWS which can act as a fundraiser as well as a fun way of getting everyone together who is worried about the fragility of animal welfare services on Paros. It is also an occasion for citizens to offer their support to the Society and to be informed of the current situation.

We managed to fill the restaurant to maximum capacity – a grand total of 50 guests – and were extremely pleased to welcome the Mayor as our Guest of Honour, even though he was exhausted after his electoral campaign. It was so rewarding to have so much support from all kinds of people from all over the island including the first citizen, Mayor Rangoussis.

We want to take this opportunity to send our warmest thanks to the Mayor for honouring the event with his presence. We are also most grateful to the Happy Green Cows team who outdid themselves. Stefan Petridis did an outstanding job with a fabulous buffet which could have served at least 100 guests.

His partner Theodor was a most gracious host and Vicky from Magissa, the shop next door, generously stepped in and became a one-night volunteer waitress. We also want to thank Manolis Moraitis for sponsoring the event with his exceptional wines “Sylogi Moraitis” from organically grown grapes.

This event clearly demonstrated how much enthusiasm has grown over the animal welfare issue. Those who missed it will have the opportunity to attend next year when we will target 100 guests.

Synopsis 2006

The end of the year is approaching and we can start sharing the results of the past year which have been quite exceptional. Over the past few years PAWS policies have concentrated on re-homing unwanted dogs from Paros, mainly to Germany where plenty of good homes for them can fortunately still be found! Thanks to Barbara Burki’s extraordinary commitment and efficiency, 2006 will be a record year and the total number of re-homed dogs might well reach one hundred! In recent years Barbara has been able to successfully coordinate what could be called a “chain to freedom”, where a stray is removed from the street – usually following someone’s call for help – the dog stays temporarily in Barbara's kennel (the only one currently available for the whole island), travels to Germany with the first available “flugpaten” (a traveller who volunteers to transport one or more dogs to his destination), is taken charge of by a local humane society with a network of foster families until the final home for the dog is found.

Going through this chain can take several months, requires the work of numerous volunteers and involves many expenses. The family which will adopt the dog pays an average of 200 euros which usually covers a good part of the operation’s expenses. The German organization keeps at least half to cover their expenses (often repeating the vaccinations, tests for leishmania etc.), the other half is normally paid to cover the expenses involved in keeping the dogs here and transporting them to their destination.

PAWS policy is to cover the veterinary expenses involved in getting the dogs ready to travel (vaccinations, removal of parasites and worms, microchip and passport) which adds up to a total cost of at least 70 euros per animal. The feasibility of the whole operation would be jeopardized without this financial help from PAWS.

Obviously since we all agree that the best result that can be achieved for a stray is to provide him/her with a good home, PAWS gets the maximum benefit out of every euro spent in this process. On the other hand, there have been a few voices arguing that more of the PAWS budget should go towards a few privately-kept kennels with dogs that were originally picked up from the streets. These dogs rarely leave for new homes and it is currently not possible to cover these costs. However, this issue will be included on the agenda at the next General Assembly in an attempt to broaden the discussion. The general assembly of members will be held in the spring at an optimal time when maximum attendance can be achieved.

In the meantime Barbara’s kennel, which emptied with the last charter flight in October, is again almost full. She asks us to include this urgent message to all readers:

“Are you travelling to or through Germany or Switzerland? Over 10 puppies and dogs and 2 kittens are waiting for transportation to get to their new families as soon as possible. Please help and give one of these animals a chance by letting it travel with you. For further info call Barbara, 22840-91581 or 697-632-2076”.

Her request is also included below in German.

Board Election Year

The general assembly will also be an electoral assembly, since a new board of administration will have to be elected in 2007. PAWS badly needs thoughtful and caring persons who have a little time to offer and can join the board of administration. Contact us now to let us know of your interest.

Membership Renewals

Renewing your annual membership to PAWS is the least you can do if you want to help animal welfare on Paros. Please don’t forget to renew your membership or become a member if you aren’t already a member.

You will find a member’s area on our website with analytical details on the PAWS current budget and a list of members. The area is password protected to keep out mail harvester robots. To log in use: username pawsmember and password letmein.

Board Members Suspended

The board of administration has unanimously decided that it is necessary to suspend Anna Foti and Christoph Beiner from their functions for repeated serious infractions of PAWS policies and procedures. The next general assembly will decide whether they continue to be members of the Society. In the meantime, please note that neither of them can be considered to represent PAWS in any capacity.

Fliegen oder fahren Sie nächstens nach Deutschland oder in die Schweiz?
Die Sommermonate und somit die Charterflüge sind vorbei. Momentan warten über 10 Hunde und 2 Kätzchen aus Paros auf eine Transportmöglichkeit. Bitte helfen
Sie mit und geben Sie einem dieser Tiere eine Chance, so schnell wie möglich zu seiner neuen Familie zu kommen. Weitere Informationen: Barbara, 22840-91581 oder 697-632-2076.

Nicolas Stephanou - President of the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)


PAWS (Paros Animal Welfare Society)
website: www.paws.gr

PAWS annual membership dues are 30 Euro (or more) for voting members, anything from 15 Euro for guest members; donations at your discretion.

Pay to PAWS bank account at Alpha Bank, Parikia (call or send email to give details to Nicolas Stephanou, tel: 22840-24571, fax: 22840-28119)
- short account no. 625-002101-069137 (to deposit generously in Greece)
- IBAN: GR36 0140 6250 6250 0210 1069 137 (to deposit munificently from Europe)
- BBAN: 014 6250 6250 0021 0106 9137 (for big-hearted deposits outside the euro zone)
- BIC/Swift Code: CRBAGRAAXXX (the unique ID of the bank)

or pay by postal order to PAWS, c/o Parosweb, Market Street, Parikia, 84400 Paros or by credit card at paws.parosweb.com/paypage.html
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