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It’s All Greek to Me!

by Iris Papathanasiou, December 2006
As this is only a summary of the local news, please let us know if you want more detail on a specific article. If many readers request the same article, we will translate and publish it in the next issue or we can arrange translation for a small fee on an individual basis.


No 237 - 14 Oct 06

Article about the local elections, analyzing the criteria with which the citizens of Paros will vote in view of their current needs and expectations.
The air ambulance will land at the airport of Paros on 13/10, fulfilling the promise made by the municipal authority four years ago.
President of Antiparos and candidate in the local elections, Barbara Maneta, issued a press release stating her indignation against the methods of the opposing candidate, Mr Levendakis, to undermine the work accomplished during her four years in office.
Publication of the press releases issued by the municipal parties “Dimotiki Agonistiki Synergasia” and “Eniaia Dimotiki Kinisi Politon” and the local organisation of the Communist Party. The content of these publications are a reaction against the article published in the previous issue of “Ta Nea tis Parou” which suggests a behind-the-scenes strategy involving the cooperation of the communist organisation with “Eniaia Dimotiki Kinisi Politon” (EDKP) in the local elections.
Announcement of the pre-election programme of EDKP which concentrates on the development of Paros in the areas of the health system, environment, education, culture, sports, transportation, water and sewage network and tourism.
The town library has finished compiling its record of books which means that it is now possible to search the library’s contents electronically.
The Nautical Organization of Paros (NOP) began sailing lessons on 24/10.
The Cycladic football championship for the Parian football teams began on the weekend of 7-8 October.

No 238 - 21 Oct 06
The Municipal Party “Enotita gia to Mellon” headed by Yiannis Rangoussis, achieved an astounding victory, winning the local elections on Paros with 67.66% of the vote.
Political article analyzing the tactical mistakes of candidate Louis Kondos.
The new cultural association “KYKLOS” that was established for the creation of a database which will contain audiovisual files about the Cycladic islands elected its first committee: President: Yannis Tritsibidas, Vice-president: Yannis Kouzoumis, Secretary: Gina Petropoulou, Treasurer: Anna Mitroyanni and Assistant Secretary: Spyros Tritsibidas. Anyone who possesses items of historical value is requested to contact the committee in order to help the association to achieve its purpose.
For the first time in 38 years, the prize in memory of Yangos Argyropoulos was awarded to two excellent students of the lyceum of Paroikia, Dimitrios Varrias and Christos Gourdoukis.
The local organisation of PASOK declares its support to the teachers who have been striking for over a month, and criticises the government’s inability to solve the crisis in the educational system.

No 239 - 28 Oct 06
Article referring to the outcome of the elections with relation to the citizens’ voting behaviour.
The political party representing the Nomarchy “Kykladiko Orama” headed by Dimitris Bailas, won the local elections with a significant margin. Eparchos Protolati, representing this party for Paros and Antiparos, was the first choice of a large majority of voters, due mostly to the projects accomplished during her term in office.
Mayor Rangoussis, the president of PAWS, Nicolas Stephanou, and many members and friends were present at the fundraising gala that was held at the restaurant “Happy Green Cows”.
Tables analyzing the results achieved in the elections by the parties running for the Cycladic Nomarchy.
Yiorgos Moraitis presented his new produce labelled “The wine of the island” at Art Café Fotis on 22/10.
Review of the 3rd Paros Tennis Open, won by Nikos Archimandritis and Kia Bootz.
The town council decided on the timetable of the assemblies that will take place in all the villages in order for the new town council members to take note of the specific needs of each area and discuss pressing issues with the citizens.
Members of the town council agreed to the plans for the renovation of Aligaria Square in Paroikia.
Young Parian windsurfer, Stefis Leonettis-Fisilanis came second in the competition that was held in Turkey in September.
The national windsurfing team trained on Paros in order to prepare for the international windsurfing competition of Lago Di Darda in Italy.
The young basketball team of Marpissaikos continues to be at the top of the list of the Cycladic basketball championship.

No 240 - 4 Nov 06
The employees of DEYAP (the water authority) submitted an appeal to the management requesting the financial benefits they are entitled to. It is expected that the management and Mayor Rangoussis will meet with the employees’ representatives in order to find a compromise as the sum amounts to a large figure that will be difficult for the organization to pay directly.
The decision of the boat company Blue Star Ferries to stop the connection from Paros to Syros during the winter months is expected to cause reactions, especially with regard to the use of the Syros hospital and on the part of lawyers who travel often to Syros for their clients’ legal issues.
The parents’ association of the Primary School in Angairia is organizing the “Freedom Run” for the celebration of the anniversary of the Polytechneio on 17/11.
Brief report on the sudden death of Barbara Chamberlain on 26/10.
Article about the Home for Senior Citizens that hosts seven senior citizens at the moment. The article mentions all the donations that have been made by the Parian community.
MP Panagiotis Rigas, in his report submitted to Parliament, questions the Minister of Health, Mr Avramopoulos, about the National Centre of First Aid and its refusal to transfer patients from Andros and Anafi, resulting in the death of two people. The Minister is asked to announce the ministry’s plans in order to protect the health and life of the islanders.
Summary of the October issue of Paros Life.
Significant announcements concerning Parian wine were made at the International Symposium on Monemvassia Wine. According to enologist Stavroula Kourakou, Paros was the only place where the original Monemvassia variety (or otherwise Malavasia) was produced continually from the Middle Ages until today. Enologist Antonis Popolanos proposes that the Union of Agricultural Associations should act in order to secure the brand name for this variety.

No 241 - 11 Nov 06
The situation of boat connections this winter is worse than any other year. Prices have not decreased as is expected in the off-season period and the only boat company connecting with our island decided to cancel the connection with Syros, causing a lot of reactions. The Cycladic Local Union of Municipalities submitted an appeal to the Minister of Mercantile Marine about the monopoly in sea transportation and the lack of social sensitivity for the citizens. Similar appeals were sent also by the Eparcheio of Paros to the Ministry and the boat company Blue Star Ferries after the reaction of the Lawyers’ Association. Blue Star Ferries finally agreed to perform one route per week connecting Paros, Naxos and Santorini with Syros.
From May 2007, Greek and foreign tourists will have the opportunity to visit our islands with the cruise ships of the company easyCruise.
The Church of Ekatontapyliani is continuing the “Parents’ School” for the 10th year, organizing lectures and discussions related to today’s social problems. These discussions take place every Sunday beginning at 5.30pm at the Ekatontapyliani.
Eco tip by Nehama Weininger (first published in Paros Life, August 2005), with advice on how to create natural swimming pools.

No 62 - Nov 06

The front page presents the winners of the elections on Paros and the results of the elections in Antiparos where there was a difference of only one vote in favour of the party headed by Yannis Levendakis. The new president of Antiparos will be decided at the County Court of Paros following an appeal by the opposing candidate, Barbara Maneta.
Deputy Minister Mr Yannakopoulos replies to the report of MP Panagiotis Rigas to Parliament concerning the transfer of a pathologist from the Health Centre of Paros to Serifos. In the reply he states that: in order to cover the needs of the medical centre in Serifos ten doctors from the surrounding islands were transferred during the summer season, but none from Paros due to the heavy workload. The decision to transfer the pathologist from Paros was for the two first weeks of October.
The national celebration on 28/10 in Antiparos lacked the usual spirit because of the teachers’ strike as well as the situation with the uncertain results of the recent Community elections.
The number of participants and activities at the youth club of the church Aghios Nikolaos in Antiparos is continually increasing. Approximately 26 children visit the youth club on a daily basis where they may take part in games such as chess, table tennis, borrow books from the library, or attend Sunday school or choir.

No 55 - 13 Oct 06

Political article referring to a close battle between the two municipal parties in the local elections, predicting that the Parian voters will prefer Louis Kondos to current Mayor and candidate Yiannis Rangoussis.
The municipal parties EDKP (headed by Louis Kondos) and “Dimotiki Agonistiki Synergasia” and the local organization of the Communist Party accused the local paper that published the article “The Election Plan” of trying to construct political intrigues and plots just before the elections in order to cause political damage to the EDKP.
Critical comments and photos of a broken swing in the playground of Alyki.
Points about the need to protect the sensitive environment of the island and especially the beaches from too much construction.
Critical comments stating that there are exaggerations in the publication released by the municipal party “Enotita gia to Mellon” regarding projects accomplished and plans for future development.
Article criticising the municipality’s decision to invest in the air ambulance instead of concentrating on the construction of a hospital on Paros.
The increase in the number of passengers at the port of Paros creates a pressing need for a solution to transferring the cargo port from Paroikia.

No 18 - Nov 06

The magazine questions four representatives from the local municipal parties about the aftermath of the elections and their expectations for the next four years. Christos Vlachogiannis, Louis Kondos, Kostas Rokonidas and Sotiris Kastrounis are asked to state their views about progress on the island, the role of the opposition and the problems that might arise under the new municipal code which removed the presidents of each local village council from the town council.
Mr Maroulidis describes the actions taken and the legal alterations made in the order to confront and limit the illegal situation at the port where some hotel businesses attempt to attract the tourists in a way that damages tourist services generally.
Interview with the director of the Municipal Art Workshop, Dimitra Chanioti, and art teacher Iro Vavanou about the three years of its existence and the benefits of creativity for the young and adult students.
The cinema clubs of Nireas and Archilochos announce the films that will be shown in November. The organizers thank the Municipality and DEPAP (the cultural department) for the financial support that enables them to invite film-makers to the island, such as director Nikos Perakis who is invited on 11/11 for the showing of his film “Seirines sto Aigaio”.
The finals of the Paros Tennis Open and article about tennis as a form of sport with educational values for the young.
Medical articles by physiotherapist Dimitris Sifnaios and pharmacist Athanassios Sipsas.
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