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Christmas Shopping

Nowadays a spectacular array of products is available in the local market and there’s no longer any need to mount an expedition to Athens for your Christmas shopping. Here’s a few ideas for gifts and for those extra-special touches to make your holiday celebrations complete...

Galerie de Beauté

This newly-established franchise of one of the biggest chains for beauty products is easy to access on the ringroad of Paroikia and offers a wide range of beauty products, perfumes, make-up for professional use and accessories from well-known brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins - all at the same prices as in Athens. Lots of ideas for luxurious Christmas presents, no matter what your price range and new deliveries of all the latest well-known perfumes. Nobody goes without a present! Tel/fax: 22840-22669.


Founded in 1980, Herbalife International is the premier wellness company dedicated to simplifying your path to healthy living with innovative products that have been developed by scientists, doctors and nutritionists.
Herbalife’s high quality products and programmes offer: succesful weight loss, improved nutrition and enhanced personal care. Do you want to slim down without feeling hungry? Have more energy? Look and feel younger? With Herbalife products you can design your own customized programme and create a whole new you!

Nikos Patrikis, the representative of Herbalife products on Paros, will support your success every step of the way. And after you’ve piled on the pounds from holiday feasting and feel the need to slim down a bit, you may want to contact Nikos to get a fresh start in the New Year!

To make an appointment call: 22840-21526, mobile: 693-912-5718 (English spoken).

The Body Shop

The Body Shop International is a values- driven (against animal testing, supporting community trade, activating self-esteem, defending human rights, protecting our planet) global retailer of naturally inspired skin care, body care, make-up and fragrance products and accessories. It operates in 52 countries, 25 languages and 12 time zones!

The Body Shop Foundation was set up in 1990 as a charitable trust which supports charities working on environmental, animal welfare and human rights issues as well as the global HIV and AIDS programmes, and so far has donated over 8 million pounds sterling in grants.

At the moment the Body Shop Foundation is funding organisations working on education in Zambia, environmental conservation in Romania, as well as domestic violence initiatives across Europe and to prevent child trafficking in Asia.

The Stop Violence in the Home campaign was launched in 2001 to raise awareness about domestic violence and to raise money to help the forgotten victims - the children. Violence in the home is one of the greatest human rights challenges of our time, affecting millions of people around the world, but is still treated as a taboo subject in many countries, with abusers rarely being punished and victims receiving little, if any, support.

What can you do to help? You can visit your local Body Shop and buy a Daisy Soap and a Mint Lip Care Stick and help raise funds for the organisations in each country helping the children affected.

Let the Body Shop fill your home with delightful fragrances and provide you with a make-over, using the latest winter product line “Make me Fabulous”. Talk to Marilyn Blachaki - she speaks English and French as well as Greek.

Located on Ekatontapyliani Street, Paroikia, tel: 22840-28361.
For more information visit: www.thebodyshopinternational.com and www.thebodyshopfoundation.org.

Audiophile / Miele

From around 10th December right up until Christmas, Giannis Roussos’ Audiophile and Miele (located right opposite) on the Paroikia ringroad will have some fantastic Christmas offers, so if you’re in the market for gifts ranging from CDs to Playstations, cameras, video cameras, TVs, musical instruments and all kinds of other electronic and entertainment equipment or top-quality household and business appliances, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to get something extra special for yourself or your loved ones. See http://www.audiophile.gr/.


A new franchise, which has its factory located in Thessaloniki, has opened its doors on the ringroad of Paroikia, with fine glass and tablewear, accessories and gifts. Another section offers a range of kitchen equipment - pots and pans and electrical appliances - all at very good prices. Christmas decorations, tablewear and some super gifts are now available. Paroikia ringroad, 22840-22445.


The Dolkas Furniture Company was founded in 1965 as a successful family business in Athens, subsequently moving to Paros in 1972, handed down from father Nikitas to son George.

The company’s focus – which had initially been mainly on furniture building – has gradually expanded over the years so that the company now trades not only within Greece, but also internationally. Dolkas Furniture represents SATO, the third biggest furniture chain in Greece. Originally specializing in office furniture, SATO nowadays offers a wide range of furniture and accessories for both office and home with a remarkable 3-year guarantee on every purchase, combined with excellent after-sales service.

There is also a new store “ENTOS by SATO” which opened in the Spring of 2006 on Kontoleondos Street in Chora, Naxos, following the company’s brand expansion plan.See http://www.dolkas.gr.

Watch out for some very special Christmas offers!

No need to cut Christmas-type branches in the mountains... Harris at Kypon Techni (Paroikia ringroad) has fir trees ranging from 60-100euro. Decorations and dinnerwear, fine glass, lanterns and accessories for the festivities can be found at Cook-Shop (also on the Paroikia ringroad), Sotrek (on the left as you come into Naoussa from Paroikia), and Magnolia (Paroikia Market Street). And should the weather be so good that you’re not in the mood for a formal sit-down meal, then barbecuing with a couple of friends might be an alternative - Cook-Shop can provide you with the very latest in BBQ equipment. But if it’s chilly, then make sure you keep warm over the holidays - don’t miss the amazing prices on heaters - currently on special offer at Magnet (see back page), plus some great bargains for electronic equipment and giant TVs. It’s a franchise too, so prices are exactly the same as in the Athens Magnet stores.

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