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Election Results

by Angelica Eder, November 2006
Municipality of Paros

On Sunday, 15th October. local elections took place all over Greece. On Paros, 8,489 (73.2%) of the 11,590 registered voters went to the polls.

Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis and his party “Enotita gia to Mellon” (Unity for the Future) achieved a clear victory with a majority of 5,437 total votes (67.66%) over the party of Louis Kondos (“Eniaia Dimotiki Kinisi Politon” - EDKP) with 2,599 votes (32.34%).

Mayor Rangoussis’ new Municipal Council, which will take office from 1st January 2007, will be made up of 14 members of “Enotita gia to Mellon” and 7 members from EDKP, including the opposition leader Louis Kondos.

The names and total votes for each elected council member for the town and for the villages are as follows:

Town Council:
Marouso Frangouli (827)
Evstratios Pavlakis (637)
Christos Vlachogiannis (624)
Stelios Frangoulis (597)
Georgios Loukis (532)
Manolis Rangoussis (505)
Frangiskos Veletsas (460)
Stefanos Gavalas (414)
Georgios Triandafillos (404)
Kostas Skandalis (378)
Evripidis Akalestos (359)
Antonis Arkas (348)
Anna Kangani-Kortianou (276)
Georgios Karatzas (260)
Louis Kondos - EDKP (opposition leader)
Markos Kovaios (481) - EDKP
Vasilis Ventouris (347) - EDKP
Panagiotis Koutsourakis (331) - EDKP
Spyros Kalakonas (286) - EDKP
Ioannis Aliprantis (276) - EDKP
Konstantinos Bizas ( 272) - EDKP

Local Council - Naoussa
Maria Tripolitsioti-Tsounaki (358)
Alexandros Karpodinis (241)
Marouso Kontaratou (128)
Georgios Barbarigos (78)
Christos Tsounakis (73)
Georgios Tripolitsiotis (104) - EDKP
Anargyros Tantanis (101) - EDKP

Local Council - Marpissa
Antonis Rangoussis (188)
Maria Tribiza-Frantzi (172)
Stefanos Fisilanis (57)
Spyridon Fokianos (38)
Nikitas Trivizas (82) - EDKP
Vasilis Trivizas (20) - EDKP

Local Council - Archilochos
Evstratios Christoforos (143)
Dimitris Antipariotis (105)
Georgios Tzanakopoulos (96)
Ioannis Rangoussis (55)
Andreas Samios (95) - EDKP
Christos Samios (37) - EDKP

Local Council- Angeria
Georgios Rangoussis ( 153)
Alexandros Skiadas (73)
Maria Tsantouli ( 50)
Katerina Hanioti (48)
Nikolaos Haniotis ( 56) - EDKP
Angelos Daskalopoulos (51) - EDKP

Local Council - Lefkes
Maria Triandafillou-Kidonieos (103)
Ilias Pantelaios (85)
Antonios Kritikos (74)
Vasilis Kapoutsos (54)
Evthimios Kidonievs (51) - EDKP
Nikolaos Triantafillos (31) - EDKP

Local Council - Kostos
Eirini Roussou (105)
Ilias Roussos (70)
Dimitra Lambrou-Kalakona (52)

Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the members of the town council and the community who have supported him in his work during the past four years and throughout the elections.

Right back at his office and down to business again, his message is: “ We are continuing our work at all levels, to make Paros an e v e n better place.”

The next step will be, together with the new team of councillors, to start the planning process for the legislative period ahead which will include various projects to further improve the island’s infrastructure.

Community of Antiparos

The elections on Antiparos turned out to be an incredibly close race with a good deal of suspense! Out of 1,116 registered voters 916 (82.07%) went to the polls and although the first announcements stated the opposite result, in fact Iannis Levendakis is elected as the new President of the Community with 446 votes (50.06%) against Barbara Maneta’s 445 votes (49.94%).

The elected council members are:

From Iannis Levandakis’s “Development-Unity-Creation” party: Eleni Viasi (90 votes), Konstantinos Faroupos (70), Nikolaos Marianos (59), Paraskevas Kapoutsos (59), Frangiskos Morakis (44) and from the “Unified Independent Party of Antiparos”: Barbara Maneta (opposition leader), Iannis Paroussos and Antonis Patelis.

Prefecture of the Cyclades and the Subprefecture of Paros & Antiparos

Dimitris Bailas (PASOK) of “Kykladiko Orama” (Cycladic Vision) was re-elected Prefect (Nomarchis) for the Cyclades with a total of 39,499 votes (49.70%) and Grigoria Protolati was again appointed Eparchos for the sub-prefecture of Paros and Antiparos with 4,319 total votes.

The five elected councillors for the Eparcheio are: from “Cycladic Vision” – Grigoria Protolati (Eparchos), Georgios Kanganis (2,841 votes), Nikolaos Arkoulis (2,600), and from the opposition (ND) party “Gia Ischires Kyklades” (For Strong Cyclades): Chrysanthos Bafitis (2,228) and Bazaios Petropoulos (1,724).

Our congratulations to Yiannis Rangoussis, Iannis Levendakis, Dimitris Bailos and Grigoria Protolati and their council teams and we wish them every success in achieving their goals for the next four years in office.

The “Foreign” Vote
by Beate Beyer

Following on from my article on the elections last month, I would like to thank all those who voted for me, as well as everyone who supported me in expressing that they would like to have a representative on the city council of Paros with “foreign ideas”.

The results indicated what I knew from the beginning: the foreign community on Paros is actually much larger than those who are actively voting. I received a total of 82 votes - not enough to be elected to the town council (plus another 20 which were, unfortunately, invalid, because some of the voters thought that the white paper - that is the one known as the “levko” or “blank” voting paper had to be wrapped around the ballot paper with the names of Rangoussis’ candidate list).

EU citizens possessing a residence permit were also able to vote for the representative of the prefecture of the Cyclades, the Eparchos of Paros, while others who had no residence papers, but had registered to vote by the 30th of June, could vote only for the Mayor of Paros (approximately 60 voters).

For the next elections in 2010, the EU foreign community needs to organize itself earlier and to encourage others to register so that their votes can be counted and their voices heard. Then I would be willing to run again as candidate for the town council.

Good luck, Mr Rangoussis, for your next 4-year term and I wish to all the elected candidates “Kali Dynami!”.
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