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  Nr. 73 - August 2004
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Gyp Mills, Cristof, Fran6 Roger & Michaela Ruleta

For the second time Michaela, Cristof, Gyp and Fran6 exhibit their works together at the Aghios Athanasios Old School in Naoussa from August 17-30th. This year Fran6 will present not only his digital art works but also a series named: "Paros Artists and Art Lovers", inspired portraits of artists and their friends living on the island (examples are included here). The exhibition will be open daily from 7-11pm and the vernissage (reception) will take place at 8pm on the 20th.

Each artist has decided to give a percentage of the sales of their work for the Municipality's air-ambulance project or towards the island's Health Centre.

Gyp Mills

Gyp Mills came to sculpture through the famous English sculptor David Wynne. Gyp was involved in the music business with his friend Donovan and had songs recorded by various artists - his song "Tangier" was used in the film "Castaway". It was through his interest in music that he discovered the importance and power of creativity. His forms are light and ethereal but deep with meaning. With his art he has captured the fluidity of the Aegean Sea. He came to Paros in 1979.

Gyp had many exhibitions in England (Gordon's Gallery, the Fulham Gallery, Doves Gallery, the Welsh House Gallery) and his work is in private collections in America and Europe. His largest piece, "Cycladic Sphere" is carved from one block of Naxos marble and is owned privately in Paros. Gyp has a bronze sculpture that will soon grace the seafront at Aliki.


Cristof was born in France in La Rochelle. As a child he travelled to Africa and Greece where he stayed for ten years and became very fond of travelling. He joined Air France in 1981. At Christmas 1994 a plane hijack disrupted his life. After a difficult period he landed in Paros where he captures on paper and canvas the light, the colours, the peace, the quietness. This new life gave him the sense of freedom to 'take-off' again... in a different way. Recently he exhibited his works at the Town Hall of Paris.

Fran6 Roger

Fran6 Roger is of Hungarian roots from where also those he has most admired originated, such as Kertez, Brassai, Maholi-Nagi etc. He discovered photography inspired by the work of Richard Avedon in 1972, in the days of New York's explosive pop art scene.

For his first photographs he used a Minox and a Nikkormat camera, using black and white very sensitive film. Back in Paris, he was involved over 25 years in the world of fashion. This universe of creativity led him naturally to digital photography, as a visual expression of his emotions.
He creates pictures of his personal impressions of the Greek island of Paros, where he lives now with his wife.

Exhibitions: Aghios Athanasios, Naoussa, Paros, 2003; Toastgallery, Paris 2003-2004; Melina, Athens 2004.

Michaela Ruleta

Michaela has painted since her childhood through the coloured prism of a life in perpetual movement.

Her studies took her from Paris to Geneva, New York and Sao Paulo where she acquired a passionate vision for the surrounding world. But it was in Munich, during art studies that she fell in love with the different German and European Schools of the 20th century.

Her passion and talent for cooking inspired her to paint in water colours the fruits and vegetables of Paros in shift compositions. She draws sketches using mixed techniques of inkpen and aquarelle. She exhibited in Naoussa in 2003.
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