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  Nr. 92 - May 2006
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The Mayor’s Report

by Iris Papathanasiou, May 2006
Over 1,000 citizens were present at the conference hall of the Pandrossos Hotel on March 26th to hear the Mayor’s “logodosia”, that is his assessment of the development plans and projects accomplished by the municipal authority during their three-and-a-quarter years in office.

Mayor Rangoussis presented a complete account of the problems he faced when he took charge of the Municipality in January 2002, and the steps, plans and projects that developed since then for the solution of long-term problems in all areas under his responsibility.

Referring to the major projects that have begun, or are about to begin, he announced the start of the work for the construction of the XYTA (garbage disposal unit). Other important and much needed projects about to start are the slaughterhouse, the primary school in Naoussa and the connection of Archilochos with the biological cleaning unit in Marpissa. Study plans are in progress for the construction of a biological cleaning unit for the villages of Kostos and Lefkes, a second main road in Paroikia and a medical station in Kostos.

The foundation of the House of Literature in Lefkes, Paros’s involvement in the EuroArt network, the cultural events, the municipal art workshop and music school, and plans for the construction of a cultural centre in Paroikia are all projects designed to give a new quality to the everyday life of Parian citizens. Projects have also been accomplished in the areas of education, nursery schools and centres for the benefit of senior citizens have been created, sports grounds have been constructed and more are planned.

Considering the long-term view of Paros’s economic development, the municipal authority has launched a comprehensive campaign for the growth of the tourist industry whilst simultaneously determining plans for the protection of the environment.

Important issues yet to be tackled are plans for constructing a port for cargo ships and for building a new health centre.

In closing, Mayor Rangoussis expressed his satisfaction with the teamwork that was characteristic among the members of the town council and which was particularly important for the progress and development of Paros over these past few years.
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